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Review – Reasonably Priced Comics #1

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Reasonably Priced ComicsI like anthologies, even when the stories are so varied as the first issue of Reasonably Priced Comics #1.  It’s best to take each story on their own to really explain how much I enjoyed each.

Voyaga – “One Small Step”

Written by Brandon Barrows with art by Rudolf Mantemayor, this sci-fi story is a great pulp tale reminiscent of great B-movies.  The story follows an astronaut who will make a journey to another planet but something goes horribly wrong.  It’s pulp fun, and reminds me a lot of Planet of the Apes.  Great cheesy sci-fi and I ate it up.

Chu’s World – “My Girlfriend is a Gamer”

The story and art is by Chu Wei and it’s hilarious looking at the relationship one person has with his video game playing girlfriend.  I love my video games and really appreciated it, finding myself laughing at numerous times.  Great stuff.


Written by Martin Brandt II with art by Silvina Rinaldi this is a horror story that’s pretty twisted and involves shoe laces.  It definitely needs a second part to explain what the hell was going on.

The three stories couldn’t be any more different, but all of them are quite solid.  Reasonably Priced Comics as a company is a great find, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they produce down the road.

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