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Announcing Grendel Tales The Grendel Fan Film

Last Day Entertainment and ManOrMonster Studios have announced Grendel Tales, a new fan-made video series based on Matt Wagner‘s Grendel comic books.  Grendel is an underground comic from the 1980’s through Comico and had some mainstream success in the 1990’s with Dark Horse Comics, and Wagner still occasionally publishes the title.

The first short is planned for 5 to 10 minutes and is based on the Grendel: War Child series.  Using “old-school, practical effects,” the video series will look like a TV spot from the late 80’s and early 90’s.  In addition to costumes, full-size and miniature sets, and classic camera effects, this project will also have some stop-motion puppet work for the old-time monster and sci-fi movie fans.

ManOrMonster Studios is artist Brandon Michael Barker, a Producer on the project as well as Costume Designer and Effects Supervisor.  Last Day is Producing, Jeremy Beaver is Directing and Editing and Mike Booth is the Production Manager, whose team includes Chris Toliver, Travis Easter, and T.R. McCully who are constructing camera/lighting rigs, props, and sets.  Maximumedia Design is the media firm of “Grendel Tales“, handling the web design, marketing, as well as custom graphics and sound.  Celebrated horror artist, Chris Kuchta is now involved, as well as Tim Gick (frontman of TV Ghost) will be scoring the short.

Last Day and ManOrMonster launched the website, GrendelTales.com, and their Kickstarter project at C2E2 this year.  Everyone involved is donating time and money to finish this short video, and are asking interested fans to contribute as well.  They are trying to raise an additional $2,500 to finish the set and miniature construction, creature effects, and a few more costumes.