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Florida Mother Upset Over Halloween Comics

KTNV of Florida has a story about a mother who was upset over the comic books her kids received on Halloween. The comics by Chick Publications could only be described as comics for Evangelical Christians. The two comics the children received are The Sky Lighter about an Islamic boy who blows himself up in a crowd of people and The Visitors about a pair of Mormons who visit a home and deliver some controversial comments.

The company was created by Jack Chick, who has a history of controversy. His comics have been described by the Los Angeles Magazine as “equal parts hate literature and fire-and-brimstone sermonizing” For example the comics accuse Roman Catholics, Freemasons, Muslims and many other groups of murder and conspiracies.

Chick Publications says the comics are taken from scripture in the King James Bible and they are not meant to be offensive. The company is clearly anti-Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, and homosexual and promotes a pro-life stance.

So, was this appropriate to hand out to children trick-or-treating? Sound off below with your thoughts.