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Deadpool 2 Has Second Largest R-Rated Opening and Nets $301 Million Worldwide

It was a solid weekend for Deadpool 2 though it didn’t deliver a record opening weekend domestically as expected. The film was the number one film for the weekend with $125 million domestically over three days. That’s the second largest R-rated opening ever behind the first film’s $132.4 million debut two years ago. It beat It which opened with $123.4 million last September.

The film opened in 81 markets internationally bringing in an estimated $176.3 million. That’s a record debut for Fox International beating X-Men: Days of Future Past. That film had $38.3 million from China. Deadpool didn’t play in China though did play last month at the Beijing International Film Festival. The sequel doesn’t have a release date currently.

Worldwide the film earned $301.3 million. It received an “A” CinemaScore with 62% 25 years or older (up from the previous film’s 53%). It was 61% male.

Avengers: Infinity War was bumped to second. It earned $28.7 million domestically in its fourth week and has earned $595 million after 24 days. It’s the eighth largest domestic release of all time.

Internationally the film added $84.4 million and its foreign total is $1.218 billion. Worldwide the film has earned $1.81 billion and is the fourth largest global release of all time and third largest international release of all time.

In third place was Book Club which debuted with an estimated $12.5 million. That beats some expectations.

Life of the Party took fourth place with an estimated $7.7 million to bring its domestic total to $31 million.

Rounding out the top five was Beaking In which brought in $6.5 million for a domestic total of $28.8 million. Even after a deep drop the film is doing quite well considering its budget was just $6 million.

In other comic movie news…

Black Panther dropped to #13 with $823,000. The film domestically has earned $697.8 million and worldwide the film has earned $1.344 billion.

The Death of Stalin dipped to #31 with an estimated $61,432 after 11 weeks. The film has earned $7.8 million domestically.

We’ll be back in an hour for a deeper dive into this year’s comic adaptation.

Avengers: Infinity War Wins the Weekend and Crosses $1 Billion at the International Box Office

Avengers: Infinity War won the weekend with an estimated $61.8 million. That’s three weekends in a row. Domestically, the film has earned $547.8 million and it all might be even higher once the real higher numbers are revealed. It’s the eighth largest domestic release ever.

The film debuted in China where it earned an estimated $200 million, the second largest debut in the market ever based on local currency. That three day performance beat the lifetime runs of The Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, and Iron Man 3. It’s the ninth largest western release in China ever.

Infinity War is the highest grossing superhero release internationally of all-time. It has eanred $1.059 billion which beats Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s $946.4 million.

The film is the fifth largest global release of all time with $1.607 billion. It’s about $65 million behind Jurassic World and should easily pass that in the next two weeks if not sooner.

Next weekend Avengers: Infinity War faces tough competition with Deadpool 2 which should topple it from first place.

In second place was a debut, Life of the Party which opened with an estimated $18.5 million. The film opened in eight markets with an estimated $2.9 million.

Coming in third was another debut, Breaking In which earned an estimated $16.5 million and earned almost triple its $6 million budget in three days. In five international markets the will earned an estimated $1 million.

The Overboard remake dipped just 31% in its second weekend with an estimated $10.1 million which brings it domestic total to $29.5 million after ten days. The film debuted in Mexico where it earned $10.5 million.

Rounding out the top five was A Quiet Place with an estimated $6.4 million. Domestcally the film has earned $169.5 million and it passed the 100k mark international with $100.4 million total.

In other comic film news…

Black Panther brought in an estimated $1.9 million bringing the domestic total to $696.2 million. It needs less that $4 million and it’ll be the third domestic release ever to cross $700 million. Worlwide the film has earned $1.341 billion and has seen domestic earnings being the driver reversing a long running trend for Marvel films. 51.9% of the film has been brought in domestically.

The Death of Stalin was #25 for the weekend with an estimated $121,764. The film has earned $7.7 million domestically after 10 weeks of release.

We’ll be back in one hour where we’ll look deeper into comic film adaptations at the box office.