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Sonic the Hedgehog Continues to Take the Cross the Finish Line in First

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog managed to outpace The Call of the Wild, which beat expectations, to take first place. The film held on to first for the second weekend in a row.

After ten days of release, Sonic the Hedgehog has earned $106.6 million after bringing in an estimated $26.3 million over the weekend. Internationally the film added $38.3 million to bring its foreign total to $96.5 million and a worldwide total to $203.1 million.

In second place was The Call of the Wild which earned $24.8 million. That beat expectation but the film’s budget is a reported $135 million making this an uphill fight for the film. The audience was a 50/50 split between men and women with 62% of the crowd aged 25 or older. Internationally, the film opened in 40 markets earning $15.4 million for a $40.2 million global opening.

Birds of Prey dropped to third with an estimated $7 million to bring the domestic total to $72.5 million after its third week. It also added $10 million internationally to bring that total to $101.2 million and $173.7 million.

Brahms: The Boys II edged out the competition to come in fourth with an estimated $5.9 million. With a “C-” CinemaScore and a 40% audience score on RottenTomatoes, the film should drop quickly. The crowd was 53% female and 56% of the crowd was under the age of 25. It also launched in 23 markets with an estimated $2.22 million.

Round out the top five was Bad Boys for Life with an estimated $5.86 million. The domestic total now stands at $191.2 million. The film also earned $8.1 million internationally to bring that total to $200 million and $391.2 million worldwide.

We’ll be back in an hour for a deeper dive into this year and last year’s comic film adaptations.