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Review – The Fall: Vengeance & Justice #1

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The Fall: Vengeance and Justice #1We’re continuing with our focus on indie comics by checking out The Fall: Vengeance & Justice #1 published by PLB Comics.  The comic’s main character The Fall looks a bit like Grifter, but with a bag on his head, but besides that, the comic stands on it’s own.  It’s a solid issue of short stories featuring the character by various writers and artists.

Contributing include writers Nathan Thomas Milliner, Josh Shockley and Matthew Shockley and artists Larry Crew Jr., Brad Hudson and Russell Walton, though it was hard to find that in the comic.  The various short stories are solid, but having so many brings the issue of the stories being rushed.

As a whole though, I like the anthology hook of the book having different artists and writers taking their turns with a character.  They all have similar feels, but their own twists as far as looks or feel of their stories, each has their own voice.

This is the first issue, with more planned, and I absolutely want to see it.  Fantastic stuff.

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