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Anime NYC 2022: Tatesc Comics launches on Book Walker Global in English

Tatesc Comics

Announced during Anime NYC 2022, Kadokawa Corporation and Book Walker Co., Ltd. revealed the formal launch of the Tatesc Comics brand on Book Walker Global!

Tatesc (pronounced ta-te-sk) Comics is the response to countless requests from fans in English-speaking countries for access to this exciting content! Kadokawa will release diverse genres such as “isekai,” fantasy, romance, comedy, and action, including original titles as well as adaptations of existing light novels and traditional manga. Its name derived from the Japanese “tate,” meaning vertical, and “sc” for “scrolling,” Tatesc Comics aspires to engage readers both with its initial offering and much more to come!    

Fueling this initiative, Book Walker Global will offer the full lineup of Tatesc Comics, with many available first exclusively on the Book Walker Global platform! 24 titles are available as of November 16th, including other publisher’s titles.

This is the first step for Kadokawa to “accelerate” its business in the English world. The publisher will begin to “an aggressive, multifaceted strategy to activate more of its content through publishing and digital distribution.” in January 2023.