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Jay Fosgitt’s Bodie Troll Returns in a New Original Graphic Novel

BOOM! Studios has announced Bodie Troll: Hungry For Adventure, a brand new original graphic novel set in the world created by cartoonist Jay Fogsitt that brings the entire family a fantasy adventure that celebrates growing and evolving friendships, and the power in embracing what makes people unique. 

Return to Hagadorn with an all-new original graphic novel featuring the friendliest (and, in his eyes, the fearsomest) troll around, Bodie! Get ready to join Bodie, his Fairy Godmother, and his best pal Cholly, as their adventures lead them to learn about Cholly’s past, uncover the mystery of the new bridge in town, and meet a group of creatures looking to destroy the world – through hugs.

Bodie Troll: Hungry For Adventure will be available for sale in August 2020.

Bodie Troll: Hungry For Adventure