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Black Boy’s Blues: Funny Money delivers an autobiographical story about searching for love and meaning

Black Boy’s Blues: Funny Money

Black Boy’s Blues: Funny Money chronicles the life of a millennial African American college graduate as he travels the globe in search of love and meaning. Now funding on Kickstarter, the 56-page black-and-white graphic novel features seven autobiographical, life-affirming stories that explore the awkward, often terrifying, yet always surprising experience coming of age in the modern world.

The comic is the first by R.D. Hunter, the basis for every story within Black Boy’s Blues: Funny Money. In it, her delivers unique true stories from a modern Black male perspective. We’ll let him deliver the details:

About The Story

On June 28, 2018, a man barricaded the only exit to the offices of the Capital Gazette Newspaper and charged in with a shotgun. At the end of the mass shooting my former editor, and several co-workers were identified among the dead.

Fortunately, I wasn’t there. I was a terribly inexperienced journalist and quit just before the shooting. I spent the next few years wondering if my life was saved by my own ineptitude. Maybe, if I had been a better writer, I could have done something. 

On the third anniversary of the shooting, just days before the start of the gunman’s trial, I published a comic about my experience on the internet message board, Reddit.com. The cathartic experience of creating a comic and the overwhelmingly positive response I received helped me deal with what I now recognize as survivor’s guilt. 

For the past year I’ve written about terrible, yet self-affirming, events in my life that I publish on my website, DyceThrow.com. However, hiring artists at fair wages isn’t cheap, and I’ve finally reached the point where it is no longer sustainable to fund this ongoing project with cash advances from my credit card. 

The book is fully funded, and the campaign will conclude on Friday, June 3 2022 11:59 PM EDT.