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Preview: Haunted Horror #31

Haunted Horror #31

Various (w) • Hy Fleishman, Joe Certa, Bill Fraccio, Len Streeter, & Various (a) • Matt Baker (c)

Not for the squeamish, these Pre-Code creepy, eerie comics from the crypt will scare the spit out of you! Read if you dare: “The Death Head!” by Hy Fleishman, and “The Web of the Spider” by Joe Certa!  These stories will give you fits: “If The Noose Fits—Wear it!” by Bill Fraccio and Lin Streeter draws “The Cat Jumped Over The Corpse!” and George Roussos pen and inks “The Thing from the Dark!” Finally, cling to your mortal life and enter “The Valley of the Scaly Monsters!” 

FC • 32 pages • $4.99