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Choice Quotes

A light week for quotes.  Both come from The Invincible Iron Man #4:

On a gathering of various terrorists:

We’ve got Kashmiris…Crazy cracker separatist trash.  A handful of Basque… And even Communists from Peru.  My Lord Zeke.  It’s like an ideological Beneton Ad out there.

And showing sometimes comic book writers sometimes have brilliant ideas on how to fix the world (WARNING SPOILER):

Tony Stark: Did you know there are some places in Africa where you’ve got a machine for every thirty-five people?  To say nothing of the warehouses and supply lines you’ve established over generations?  All the governments and N.G.O.s in the world can’t get as established in the third world as you guys.

Cola Exec: Mr. Stark… You’re buying us for our vending machines to sell a drink you don’t even like?

Tony Stark: No.  I’m buying you for vending machines from which we’ll distribute retrovirals and — Once we get it — The AIDS Vaccine.  All across the third world.  Your vending machines are gonna save more lives than the Berlin Airlift.