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Beast Kingdom Gears Up For “Toy Story 4” With Previews Exclusive Statues

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4Beast Kingdom and Diamond Comic Distributors have once again partnered to release two new Previews Exclusive D-Stage statues based on the hit animated franchise! Featuring the Aliens from the claw machine, Beast Kingdom introduces the Previews Exclusive Aliens Rocket Deluxe Edition diorama statue. And showing off best pals Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Beast Kingdom has introduced the Previews Exclusive Toy Story Special diorama statue

The adorable three-eyed Aliens from Toy Story were always looking up at the stars, waiting for their master to take them far away to space. Now, with the Previews Aliens Rocket D-Stage Series DLX Statue, they just might get their chance! Beast Kingdom is proud to present the first in a line of Deluxe “D-Stage” dioramas. The Deluxe range brings along unique and functional elements. In this figure, all six aliens are free to move, and with a certain element of playability and customization the D-Stage 031 is built for fan engagement.

The classic, original D-Stage Toy Story diorama was one of Beast Kingdom’s most popular releases, and with the release of Toy Story 4, this Galaxy color variant is poised to be a crowd pleaser! Disney’s Toy Story has always embodied cute, yet fun-filled adventure for all ages. With Woody controlling the RC car, the zany three-eyed Aliens on the lookout, and Buzz preparing to lift-off, coupled with a rocket base fit for any toy looking to fly away, this dynamic, limited D-Stage figure has it all!

The PREVIEWS Exclusive Aliens Rocket D-Stage Series DLX Statue and Toy Story DS-032 D-Stage Series 6IN Statue Special are now available for pre-order at comic shops, with an expected release date of July 3, 2019. 

Beast Kingdom Celebrates a Pair of Mighty Marvel Heroes With Previews Exclusive D-Stage Statues

Beast Kingdom and Diamond Comic Distributors are celebrating two of Marvel’s mightiest heroes with two brand new Previews Exclusive D-Stage diorama statues! Featuring the Sorcerer Supreme and Capt. Carol Danvers, these two D-Stage statues honor Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel.

The all-powerful Sorcerer Supreme, a Wizard without match, one who has mastered the elements, seen other dimensions and returned even wiser and more powerful! As seen in the classic comics, this DS-020 Dr. Strange is proudly delivered by Beast Kingdom. The Previews Exclusive Marvel Comics Doctor Strange DS-020 D-Stage 6IN Statue delicately recreates the classic pose of Dr. Strange from the comics. With the sorcerer levitating and the Sanctum Santorum (the Holy of Holies), as a backdrop, this diorama is the perfect setup for your collection!

One of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel comic universe, Captain Marvel has now officially burst out of the comic pages and joined the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the latest Avenger! As seen in the comics, Beast Kingdom proudly presents the latest in the D-Stage Staging Your Dreams line of dioramas.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive Marvel Comics Captain Marvel DS-019 D-Stage 6IN Statue! With an extreme attention to detail, this D-Stage features Captain Marvel in her traditional flying pose! Using the latest in manufacturing techniques, this figure recreates her classic costume of red, blue and gold, even replicating the transparent effects of her energy trail when in flight or in the middle battle.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive Marvel Comics Doctor Strange DS-020 D-Stage 6IN Statue (APR198860; SRP $29.99) and Captain Marvel DS-019 D-Stage 6IN Statue (APR198859; SRP $29.99) are now available for pre-order at comic shops, with an expected release date of February 26, 2020. 

Diamond and Beast Kingdom Present New Previews Exclusive Disney Figures

How do Disney’s heroes – like Aladdin, Peter Pan, and Simba – always manage to solve the biggest mysteries and save the day? With a little help from their trusted friends, of course! Beast Kingdom and Diamond Comic Distributors have once again partnered to bring fans the latest in the range of PREVIEWS Exclusive Mini Egg Attack figures: Disney’s Best Friends series!

AbuAladdin’s trusted, loyal, and mischievous monkey is always finding new ways to get into trouble but is unwaveringly devoted to his best friend. He may be attracted to jewels, but in times of need he will fly the magic carpet straight to Aladdin’s side.

Join Tinkerbell, the sassy, feisty, yet lovable fairy as she flies across the sky, spreading fairy dust, joy and saving Peter Pan from the evil clutches of Captain Hook!

Tag along with Timon and Pumbaa as they sing Hakuna Matata to Simba, washing away his worries for the rest of his days with a detailed miniature statue.

The Mini Egg Attack Friend series may be small in size, but it has more than enough heart to spare, finished off with cute, yet meticulous designs.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive Disney Best Friends MEA-010 Abu (APR198569; SRP $12.99), Tinkerbell (APR198572; SRP $12.99), Timon (APR198571; SRP $12.99), and Pumbaa (APR198570; SRP $12.99) are now available for pre-order at comic shops, with an expected release date of February 26, 2020.

Diamond and Beast Kingdom Partner for PREVIEWS Exclusive Disney Princesses D-Stage Statues

The iconic Disney princesses – Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Snow White – are on display in new PREVIEWS Exclusive D-Stage statues from Beast Kingdom.

Based on the princesses’ locker room scene from Ralph Breaks the Internet, these 6″ statues of the iconic, casual Disney princesses as they interact with Ralph’s pal Vannelope, clearly presents each of the princess’s characteristics. Any four of the statues can be joined to form a complete scene.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive statues of Ariel (APR198046; SRP $29.99), Belle (APR198047; SRP $29.99), Jasmine (APR198048; SRP $29.99), Rapunzel (APR198050; SRP $29.99), and Snow White (APR198049; SRP $29.99) are available now for pre-order at comic shops, with an expected release date of May 27, 2020.

Beast Kingdom Enters Endgame With New PREVIEWS Exclusive Egg Attack, Mini Egg Attack Figures

Just a week before Avengers: Endgame hits theaters, Beast Kingdom is rewarding fans with a new line of PREVIEWSExclusive Mini Egg Attack figures featuring Captain Marvel, Captain America and Iron Man and two new PREVIEWSExclusive Egg Attack Action figures featuring Ronin and Black Widow

Featuring fan favorites from the most anticipated superhero movie of the year to life, Beast Kingdom is proud to present the latest in their range of Mini Egg Attack figures: MEA-011 Avengers: Endgame Statue series! Based on their character designs from Avengers: Endgame, these detailed, hand-painted statues of Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Iron Man measure about 4″ tall. These dynamically-posed Avengers characters feature special effects that truly make them pop!

Beast Kingdom’s latest additions to the Egg Attack Action family feature two of the deadliest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Ronin and Black Widow. Born through immense pain and suffering, Roninthe mysterious, hooded assassin, carries his katana just like a samurai to avenge the fallen. With his Samurai Sword and the included Sheath, the EAA-081 Ronin PX Figure also features movable eyes and 28 points of articulation for dramatic and movie-accurate posing! His real fabric one-piece suit and black hooded jacket retain Beast Kingdom’s signature focus on detail, while highlighting the buckle and gold rims of the outfit. Ronin includes an exclusive action figure stand with Avengers: Endgame logo and character name.

Black Widow, a symbol of deadly beauty has been a staple of the MCU since her first appearance in Iron Man 2! Even though Natasha Romanoff is only human, her alluring yet precise fighting techniques has solidified her spot in the Avengers. With delicate head carving, and a focus on facial features, the latest Egg Attack Action figure continues the immense level of detail collectors have come to expect from Beast Kingdom! Two faces and a replaceable head allows the dark assassin to convey her different emotions, and with an assortment of weapons including her trusted batons and pistols, Black Widow is ready to join the fight of her life with her fellow Avengers. Black Window features 22 points of articulation and a real cloth uniform with no details spared, from the tiniest of zippers to the stitching!

The PREVIEWS Exclusive Avengers Endgame MEA-011 Captain Marvel PX Figure (MAR198383; SRP $12.99), Avengers Endgame MEA-011 Captain America PX Figure (MAR198382; SRP $12.99) and Avengers Endgame MEA-011 Iron Man MK50 PX Figure (MAR198384; SRP $12.99), as well as the PREVIEWS Exclusive Avengers Endgame EAA-081 Ronin PX AF (MAR198380; SRP $80.00) and Avnegers Endgame EAA-082 Black Widow PX AF (MAR198381; SRP $80.00) are available now for pre-order at comic shops, with an expected release date of November 27, 2019.

Thanos is Armed For Endgame in New PREVIEWS Exclusive Egg Attack Action Figure

With global box office records consistently smashed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), April 2019 will mark the biggest fight yet for the Avengers with the debut of Avengers: Endgame. To coincide with the upcoming release of the newest addition to the MCU, Beast Kingdom presents the ultimate collectible: ThePREVIEWS Exclusive Armed Thanos Egg Attack Action Figure!

Based on the newest design of Thanos, this cute yet domineering figure faithfully recreates the details of his new armor and dreaded Infinity Gauntlet. With high quality textures, metallic paint and sophisticated molding, this version of Thanos features a moveable pair of eyes and more than 27 points of articulation. The Egg Attack Action Figure also comes with various accessories including interchangeable faces, that give collectors ample ways to display the figure, as well as multiple pairs of hands for easy posing. With all this, fans can easily set up a variety of Thanos’ poses from the movie or conjure up new ways for world domination.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive Armed Thanos Egg Attack Action Figure (FEB198616, SRP $100.00) is now available to pre-order at comic shops and is expected to arrive August 28, 2019.

Diamond, Beast Kingdom Take the Checkered Flag with the New PX Lightning McQueen Statue

Get ready, get set, and go down to your local comic book shop, and see the new Diamond Comic Distributors and Beast Kingdom Cars 3 Lightning McQueen PREVIEWS Exclusive (PX) Statue.

The biggest Pixar and Disney fans will be overjoyed with the release of Beast Kingdom’s largest Lightning McQueen statue! Standing almost 4’ tall, this stunning statue is expertly crafted to join together the workmanship expected of a valuable collector’s item with the charm of the Lightning McQueen. This exquisite piece is finished off with a specialty automotive coating applied via a high-quality delicate coloring technique.

This fantastic statue is featured in the September issue of Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog. It will carry a suggested retail price of $6400.00, and will be available in stores late January 2018.


Diamond, Beast Kingdom’s Spider-Man Homecoming Previews Exclusive Figure

Spider-Man swings into your local comic shop with the release of two new Diamond Comics and Beast Kingdom Spider-Man Homecoming PREVIEWS Exclusive (PX) Figures.

The Spider-Man Homecoming diorama figure is a stunning new 12 1/2” tall, featuring Peter Parker in his homemade suit.

With careful attention to detail, the figure also includes character specific details such as a newspaper and Spidey’s backpack. The action figure is a stunning take on Peter wearing the Spider-Man suit gifted to him by Tony Stark. Standing 6” tall, the figure features raised spider web detailing on the suit, 8 interchangeable hands, and over 30 points of articulation to create the perfect Peter pose.

These PREVIEWS Exclusive items are featured in the September issue of Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog. They will carry suggested retail prices of $126.00 and $80.00 respectively., and will be available in stores late March 2018.


Diamond, Beast Kingdom Round Up Sheriff Woody and Friends with New Exclusive

Every good (toy) story deserves a sequel, which is why Sheriff Woody, Rex, Hamm, and more of your favorite Toy Story characters headed to comic shops as Diamond Comic Distributors and Beast Kingdom present the second series in their line of PREVIEWS Exclusive (PX) Mini Egg Attack Figures.

Fans can continue to relive the magic of Disney’s Toy Story with this new set of six Toy Story figures, including mini versions of Sheriff Woody, Rex, Hamm, Slinky Dog, Emperor Zurg, and the Aliens from Pizza Planet! Placed on special puzzle-mat platforms, collectors can arrange the figures in any order they want.

This adorable PREVIEWS Exclusive set is featured in the September issue of Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog. Each figure carries a suggested retail price of $10.99, and will be available in stores late February 2018.


Diamond Protects the Death Star with New Rogue One Death Trooper and Shore Trooper

The Imperial Special Forces invade comic shops as Diamond Comic Distributors and Beast Kingdom present new additions to their line of PREVIEWS Exclusive (PX) Action Figures.

Fans can choose between the Death Trooper and Shore Trooper Action Figures, both of whom protect the Death Star for the Empire. The Death Trooper is a special elite unit with powerful weapons to protect everything on the Death Star—their sleek armor is designed on the details shown in Rogue One, with a detachable tactical vest and an exclusive blaster pistol and rifle. The Shore Trooper, as seen in the film, defends the tropical islands on Scarif, protecting the critical hub of the Death Star. With perfectly replicated coastal sand equipment, as well as exclusive pistol and rifle blaster weapons, the Shore Trooper is a welcome addition to any Imperial battalion.

These two PREVIEWS Exclusive figures are featured in the March issue of Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog.  Each figure will carry a suggested price of $73.00, and will be available in stores late July 2017.


Fans can pre-order their own Star Wars: Rogue One action figure at their local comic book specialty shop to make their own Star Wars story. To find a comic shop near you and order, visit www.comicshoplocator.com.

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