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Around the Tubes

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It’s a new week and C2e2 news continues to trickle out.  We’ll keep up our special section for a few more days and of course there’s the usual news.

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – Confirmed: Stephen King, Joe Hill In Talks To Write An Episode of Walking DeadCould be interesting, but is Kirkman too busy writing his three billion comics to pen the entire season?

Bleeding Cool – So… Joseph Gordon-Levitt Isn’t Playing That Character In The New Batman After All?I still hold out for the Riddler.

The Comics Journal – New RulesWhat’s up with comic book message boards lately?  Another one has to change the rules due to unruly participants.

ICv2 – Archaia Gets InvestorsThey put out great material, so hopefully we’ll see more of their series on the big and small screen.

Slash Film – Infographic: The Avengers Family TreeDo your best to name them all.

Flyte Blog – Are You Ready for Business Comic Books? – Definitely want to check this out.  It could be interesting.

The Bookseller – Wales college launches graphic novel degree – Now I just need a degree for being a snarky graphic novel reviewer.

C2e2 Coverage:

Bleeding Cool – Costume Parade at C2E2 by Samantha LaFountain

Bleeding Cool – More Awesome Booths at C2E2 by Samantha LaFountain

Comicvine – C2E2 2011: Wrap Up

Comicvine – C2E2 2011: Scott Snyder Part 2 (Batman)

Comicvine – C2E2 2011: Phil Hester

Graphic Novel Reporter – Comic Books, Libraries, and Innovation Report from C2E2

The Beat – C2E2 2011 in pictures

ICv2 – C2E2 Photos, Part 1

ICv2 – C2E2 Photos, Part 2

Comic Book Resources – C2E2: “Supreme Power” Gets Real

Chicago Tribune – C2E2 expands its universe

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Primary Ignition – Batman vs. The Undead

The Comics Journal – Che

Bookish ArdourCoraline

YA Book Nerd – The Lightning Thief

Heroic Times – Sight Unseen