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Around the Tubes

It’s Friday and the best part is it’s the last day of work before vacation!  Yay!  What will I be doing?  Reading all of the articles below!

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – When Is A Black Character Not A Black Character?Some folks read way too much into things.

Bleeding Cool – Edgar’s Comics: How An Artist’s Comic Collection Changed Comics Culture, And Became Worth $50 Million In The Process (Kickstarter Film)Kind of want to check this out.

MTV Geek – Stan Lee Creates Indian Superhero For Liquid Comics – I wonder how this compares to his other recent launches?

The Mary Sue – Casting Call For A New Geek Reality Show…From The Creators Of The Jersey ShoreShould I apply?

Southwest Riverside News Network – Murrieta Public Library invites teens to explore comic booksSounds like a cool event and great thing for a library to put together.

Kotaku – Here’s a New Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fight Stick to Kick Galactus’ Ass WithCool looking controller.

Kotaku – Batman Gets Retro and New-School Looks in Arkham City Lockdown iOS Update – Should I get this game?


Around the Tubes Reviews:

CBR – Daredevil #7

MTV Geek – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1

CBR – Wonder Woman #4

IGN – Comic Book Reviews for 12/21/11

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here, yay!  Here’s the news to get you through the day and into the weekend.

Around the Blogs:

Stranger Comics – STRANGER GOES HOLLYWOODCongrats!

CBLDF – Diamond Helps CBLDF Raise Nearly $30,000 with Retailer Membership Drive – Please give this holiday season!

ICv2 – Avengers Movie HeroClixI really really really wish I had someone to play with.

The Mary Sue – Charges Dropped Against Occupy Oakland Journalist Susie CagleWill their be a counter lawsuit over unlawful detention?

Comics Alliance – Psychologist Uses Superhero Comics to Treat His PatientsInteresting…

Comicvine – Greg Rucka On How To Write A Strong Female CharacterSo, that’s two male writers discussing this….

Kotaku – These are the Vita’s Touch Controls for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. They’re Optional.No idea how this game system will sell.

Kotaku – Batman’s Return to Arkham City is Triumphant, But ShortGood review of the game.

GQ – For God and Country: An Illustrated Account of the Raid on Osama bin LadenAn interesting read but a little too Call of Duty for me.


Around the Tubes Reviews:

Comics Alliance – The Defenders #1

IGN – Hulk #45

CBR – O.M.A.C. #4

IGN – Comic Book Reviews for 12/7/11