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2018 Sets a Record Year for Comic Film Adaptations

2018’s comic film adaptations have finally settled at the box office and as the dust has settled, it’s clear it was a record year.

While Avengers: Infinity War dominated the box office, Black Panther stood out becoming one of the few blockbuster modern films to earn more domestically than at the international box office. I Kill Giants saw a small theatrical run while being released at the same time digitally. Venom and Aquaman both were surprise hits and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse dominated when it came to awards.

2018 topped 2017’s then record year and then some. Comic adaptations earned $2.697 billion domestically, $4.563 billion internationally, $7.260 billion worldwide, with a “profit” of $6.048 billion. That’s off of 10 films. 2017, with 16 films, saw domestic earnings of $2.365 billion, international earnings of $3.755 billion, worldwide earnings of $6.120 billion, and “profits” of $4.442 billion.

Here’s where 2018’s comic films stand as far as the actual numbers.

Total Domestic Gross: $2.697 billion
Total International Gross: $4.563 billion
Worldwide Gross: $7.260 billion
Total Reported Budgets: $1.187 billion
Total “Profit”: $6.048 billion

Average Domestic Gross: $269.7 million
Average International Gross: $456.3 million
Average: Worldwide Gross: $726.0 million
Average Budget: $131.9 million
Average Profit: $672.0 million

Top Grossing: Avengers: Infinity War
Top “Profits”: Avengers: Infinity War
Top Gross to Budget: Venom
Top Domestic: Black Panther
Top International: Avengers: Infinity War


2018’s films saw a budget averaging $131.9 million. While that was a bit higher than 2017, it was nowhere near the highest ever. 2006 saw an average budget of $178 million. 2018 saw the fifth-highest average budget.

Budget Average

Domestic Box Office

2018 saw $2.670 billion at the domestic box office besting 2017’s $2.365 billion. The films on average returned more earning $270 million domestically which beat 2012’s $263 million.

Domestic Average
Domestic Total

International Box Office

Internationally, comic adaptations earned $4.563 billion. That bests 2017’s $3.755 billion. On average, films earned $456.3 million at the foreign box office where the previous record was $429.5 million set in 2012. 2018 nearly doubled 2017’s $250.3 million.

International Average
International Total

Worldwide Totals

Worldwide, 2018 saw $7.260 billion in revenue besting 2017’s previous best of $6.120 billion. On average, films brought in $726 million beating the previous best of $692.4 million set in 2012.

Worldwide Average
Worldwide Total


While we don’t know how much was spent on marketing, so these numbers are a bit sketchy, 2018 saw $6.048 billion in profits. That beats 2017’s previous record of $4.442 billion. On average, films in 2018 made $672 million besting the previous best of $520.4 million set in 2012.

Profits Average
Profits Total