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When Promoting Your Comic Don’t Astroturf!

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Alright, we said we’d call people out on fishy activity.  But, within a 24 hour period we received 3 comments all about a post that was done in January 2010.  It of course praised the subject and linked to their website.  The three comments are all from the same IP address, ugh….

Please publishers, don’t do this.  Feel free to comment, but please identify yourself if you’re involved.

When Reviews Aren’t in Your Favor, Astroturf!

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While we can’t say exactly who is behind this or if this was completely coincidental, something a bit fishy went down in comments on our review of the less than stellar Legends: The Enchanted by Nick Percival.  On Tuesday night starting at 2:33 am (my time) two quick comments went up.  If you haven’t noticed the site isn’t all that comment heavy.  Both comments came from the same IP address and one based off of the email address is based in the UK much like the creator of the comic (the publisher is based in the United States).

We did our due diligence and the comments have the same IP address which connected to a Netherlands based company.  Both email addresses are valid and one is clearly UK based.  Only the two comment IP addresses are connected, they are not directly tied to the creator or company in any way.  These could be posts from an overzealous fan.

The first post made a joke over how I read the comic book (on an iPad, which wasn’t ideal for this color scheme) and then posted a more positive review.  We go with what we’re sent for review copies and do our best to take into account if it’s an ideal platform to read the item.  Some companies put watermarks in which obscures art, but in this case the dark colors on dark colors made it hard to determine what was going on and the choice of colors for lettering made it difficult to read.  I’m fine with people posting other reviews, but please identify yourself if you’re associated at all.

While we don’t have a smoking gun the whole thing is fishy.  We mulled over if we should even post on this and consulted a few other folks.  But this behavior is unacceptable and should not be encouraged by companies, creators, etc.  If you take part in this site and do not identify yourself on this website you will be called out.

Enchanted Astroturf

Choice Quotes

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Each week we bring you politically charged quotes from the previous week’s comics.

Chew #10

Vampire – I’ve nothing to do with your proletariat revolution, little man…

DMZ #52

Liberty News – The longstanding preemptive war policy, commonly called “The Bush Doctrine,” while not originally designed to apply domestically, is now the de facto law of the land… “To defeat them in the purest military sense of the term.” is the soundbite on every pundits lips these recent days.

Iron Man: Legacy #1

Protester – From the same corporate spokes-liars who brought you “clean coal” and “safe nuclear power”… we now have Stark’s “arc reactor”… which some researchers say will create a black hole on Long Island the minute it’s turned on!  Well we say this is America!  We have the greatest energy system in the world!


Tony Stark –  These mean were identified as mercenaries for the Eaglestar Corporation… hired by Americans for Energy Awareness the quote-unquote “grassroots” group that organizes today’s protests… which my investigators have found is funded by big oil lobbyists Matville & Carlin…


Tony Stark – … and we will not be scared away by, uh… phony “astroturf” organizations!