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Anomaly’s Film Rights Scooped Up by Relativity

As reported by Deadline, Relativity has closed a deal to finance, produced and distribute Anomaly, a live action feature based on the interactive comic book created and written by showbiz lawyer Skip Brittenham and Brian Haberlin. The movie script will be written by Ed Ricourt. Joe Roth is producing with Relativity’s Ryan Kavanaugh and Tucker Tooley.

Anomaly is set in the distant future and centers around a disgraced Conglomerate Enforcer who gets a shot at redemption by leading a rag tag group of explorers on a first contact mission to a newly discovered planet. The mission turns out to be a deadly trap and the leader and crew are stranded with all their technology destroyed. Their only chance is to rely on their wits and earn the trust of the warring hostile inhabitants if they have any chance to return home to earth.

The graphic novel was released last year in a 370 page massive hardcover and used multimedia components bridging 2-D and 3-D as well as multi-platform. Augmented reality added to the experience. It’s a very unique reading experience. It’s fitting such a cinematic graphic novel is being adapted for the big screen and it’ll be interesting to see if they’re able to keep up the cutting edge streak when it hits theaters.

Brittenham and Haberlin’s next graphic novel Shifter will be published in November 2013.

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The weekend is here. I’m spending today jumping from a plane doing my best Superman impersonation, what are you up to?

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NYCC 2012 – Anomaly Announces Next Two Graphic Novels

Anomaly Productions, which is currently previewing its first book, Anomaly, which comes outNovember 15, at New York Comic-Con, today announced the upcoming releases of its next two graphic novels:

Shifter, releasing July 15, 2013 in time for San Diego Comic-Con, is the story of a man on the run from mysterious assassins who stumbles onto a technology that allows him to jump into the body of any animal or person.

Between Worlds: releasing Fall 2013.  A rebellious teenager and her friend venture into mysterious forest and fall asleep under a wishing tree that takes them to a magical world where they race against the clock to save another human trapped on that world.

You can see more at www.experienceanomaly.com, and be sure to stop by the Anomaly’s Booth #933 during New York Comic-Con to meet co-creators Skip Brittenham and Brian Haberlin.

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I’m recovering from a midnight showing of the Avengers (expect a review later today).  Who else went and what did you think?

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