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Review: Angelic Wars #1

angelic wars #1 coverI’m always interested in seeing a new series by a brand new creator and with Angelic Wars #1 I get both. The series, by writer Marcus J. Mosley and artist Nunun Nurjannah is a decent first attempt at a comic book for the writer.

Everyone knows Genesis and what happened in the beginning…  What they don’t know is what happened before the beginning…

Lucifer’s rebellion and eventual fall begins when GOD commands him and the heavenly host to cast the Demon Horde from Earth back into the Abyss in preparation for the coming of mankind.  As God’s obedient servant, Lucifer does as he is commanded.  But as the war rages on for countless centuries, and many of his fellow angels are killed, Lucifer begins to resent mankind and question God’s decision to sacrifice so many angels for such an inferior creature as man.

Lavarius, Lucifer’s second in command and most trusted friend is torn between his loyalty to Lucifer and his obedience to God.  Caught in the middle of the feud between his closest friend and his creator, Lavarius must make a choice.  And the choice he makes will determine not only the fate of Heaven, but the fate of the world.

We’ve seen the set up before and generally have an idea of what’s coming, so it’s interesting to see how Mosley attempts to differentiate his characters and make them stand out. The writing is ok with dialogue at times that finds a groove. It’s clear Mosley is still getting a hang of it all as there’s rough jumps between time periods with flashbacks that are abrupt and don’t transition well as well as some odd character interactions. But for a first attempt, I’ve seen a lot worse. The store is clear, with decent pacing and straightforward, something a lot of folks struggle with. Mosley has that down, the issues are the plotting and attempts at flashbacks which are jarring. Overall, a different style to do those flashbacks or different order in the storytelling might have helped. As is the story felt like a screenplay because of it.

Nurjannah’s art matches the writing as well. It gets the job done, but there’s nothing that really jumps out at me. I did think the Lucifer was a bit odd, looking female like through most of the comic. The basics are down for this one, again not bad.

If you’re up for supporting new creators or are really into these types of stories it could be worth checking out. I’ll be more interested in seeing how Mosley grows as a writer and where he goes from this point forward.

Story: Marcus J. Mosley Art: Nunun Nurjannah
Story: 5 Art: 5 Overall: 5 Recommendation: Read

Marcus Mosley provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review