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A Blue-Collar Angel Accountant Investigates A Series Of Unexplained Wonders In Miracle Kingdom

Have you ever prayed for something stupid and meaningless, like finding a parking space or getting to work on time?  Or have you ever made a heartfelt plea for a miracle or something life changing?  What if I told you every word is not only heard, but also tallied, approved and debited by an accountant in Heaven?  Welcome to the Department of Divine Intervention, where the outcome of the universe is just another day in the office.  From the mailroom where incoming prayers are sorted, to the courtrooms where the merits of miracles are tirelessly debated – it’s all a perfectly woven system, or at least it’s supposed to be. 

In the realm of televised faith healing, nothing makes a televangelist break into nervous sweat quite like a well-meaning accountant ready to audit the church books.  In fact, such a prospect could darn-near scare the red out of the devil!

Meet Lester Benny.  Outrageous on-air personality.  Impassioned pastor.  And to his flock, a savior with a divine gift to cure any disease or curb any ailment.  Assuming, of course, the applicable “charitable” donation has been generously met.

Enter Winston Donovan, a quiet, enigmatic bean counter with a flair for the vintage and little tolerance for chicanery.  When a desperate mother urges Winston to rescue her son from a cultish church, Winston accepts the case and sets off on a mission to expose Lester Benny as a two-bit charlatan.

Oh, but do take care when pulling at threads.  Some answers were hidden by design.  And meant to stay that way.

Miracle Kingdom is written by Michael David McCarthy, featuring art by Alonso Molina Gonzales, colors by Ichsan Ansori, and lettering by Lucas Gattoni. It features a variant cover by Gioele Filippo, logo design by Matt Heald, and edited by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari. Coming soon from Scout Comics.

Miracle Kingdom

We Wicked Ones is a cross between Charmed and The Boys

Twenty years ago, the United States government and the superheroes of F.I.R.E. rounded up and burned every known witch alive. Only two young girls survived.

All grown up, Celia Jordan—now a calloused contract killer in Washington DC—must rescue the only other living witch—her best and only friend, Lily—from the latest incarnation of the superhero task force hunting down witchkind. With Lily’s young son in tow, the sins of Celia’s past will come back to haunt her as she finds herself locked in a harrowing game of cat-and-mouse with superheroes, vengeful politicians, and old friends, all while on a rescue mission of which failure means certain death.

We Wicked Ones is written by LJ Duey, with art by Paulo Mel, colors by Ander Zárate, lettering by crank!, cover by David Mack, edited by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari, and designed by Sean Callahan. It’s out in March 2023 from Scout Comics.

We Wicked Ones

The West Moon Chronicle Opens A Portal To The World Of Korean Myth & Folklore–In East Texas!

The elusive creatures of mud and blood known as the dokkaebi live just off of Route 4 in east Texas, in the ancient pine forest known as the Tanglechase. Joon-Ho, a Korean immigrant with a shadowy past, and his estranged grandson Jae-Sun, a disillusioned small-time thug, are the only people in the nearby town of Vane who know the true nature of the dokkaebi. Together, they must figure out what’s causing the creatures to turn hostile. Perhaps it has something to do with the interdimensional portal at the heart of the Tanglechase, for it is from here that the past comes knocking, demanding a reckoning from both men.

The West Moon Chronicle is by writer Frank Jun Kim, artist Joe Bocardo, colorist Manoli Martinez, letterer El Torres, and editor Andrea Lorenzo Molinari.

The West Moon Chronicle

Join Young Space Marine, Junior, And Her Alien, Hippo-Like Sidekick This Fall

Young space Marine, Junior, and her alien, hippo-like sidekick, Walter, were caught off guard when they crash-landed on a dinosaur-infested planet. However, they were totally unprepared to find Junior’s long-lost mother safeguarding an ancient, alien artifact capable of healing any mortal wound. Junior’s father, a Colonel in the Marines, has been sent to collect the artifact for the evil corporate entity, “The Board.” Now Junior is stuck in the middle of a conflict that could not only destroy her family, but the galaxy as well!

Junior is from writer and artist Alex Kmeto, colors by Sean Callahan, lettering by DC Hopkins, and edited by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari.


A Comic Book Artist Is Murdered And The Suspects Are Characters From His Own Book! Meta is coming soon from Scout

Characters killing their authors. Authors trafficking their characters to be sex workers in the real world. Actors morally abusing characters they play. Real people illegally settling in cartoons so as to never age again. That’s just a regular Tuesday for our META agents. The Metalinguistic Crimes Division patrols the borders between our world and the many universes of comics, cinema, games, theater, literature, and other narrative media.
When a comic book artist is murdered in a weird fashion, META takes the case. Alan, the victim’s brother-in-law and a frustrated, wannabe writer, gets involved in the investigation, and discovers he can somehow enter comic books at will. He also starts unlocking repressed memories from his childhood, when he lived in several fictional worlds.  Now, Alan and META need to work together to find Alan’s kidnapped sister, before she suffers the same fate as her late boyfriend.

Meta is a new comic series from writer Marcelo Saravá, artist André Freitas, colorist Omar Viñole, letterer Deyvison Manes, and edited by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari.


Bush Leaguers step up to the plate from Scout

The Brooklyn Bridegrooms baseball team are the shame of turn-of-the-century New York, and they’ve embarrassed the team’s owner, Cornelius Vanderklam, for the last time. Fed up with the failure, embarrassment, and threats from the police, Van Der Klam hatches a plan to burn down the stadium, collect an insurance check, and be done with the team once-and-for-all.

Most of the team are oblivious to Van Der Klam’s plan, but one, player, Skip Lapwhistle is determined to save the team. For Skip, a young, former seamstress, who escaped life in the sweatshop, and dons a mustache as a disguise, the team is all she has.

While wandering the city in search of a solution, Skip stumbles upon a ringer, Rube Shaw, a lost country bumpkin who wants to try out for one of the Bridegrooms rivals. Skip tricks Rube into auditioning for the Bridegrooms, instead, but before Skip can whisk Rube away, they run into trouble with the law – Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt, who has other plans for them.

Bush Leaguers is from writers Robert McKeon and Sam Fletcher, art by Joe Flood, cover art by Denny Minonne, and edited by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari. It’s coming soon from Scout Comics.

Bush Leaguers

Go Beyond the Beyond in 2022

Nova Vega was rendered an orphan after her legendary space explorer parents vanished on their final mission to find the next Earth. Now at 16 years old, Nova resides on a mining colony ruled by Omni, a repressive, robotics corporation. Nova’s inability to follow the rules of society has put her at odds with her older brother and guardian, Sirius. Sirius resents the life his parents led, and fully conforms to Omni.
When an argument between the siblings goes too far, Nova decides to enact her long awaited plan to explore the alien world from where her parents have never returned. Fearing for the safety of his sister, Sirius chases after her, in turn learning the true nature of the corporation he’s trusted his whole life. What both siblings fail to realize, is that the eye of Omni is always watching.

Beyond the Beyond is a new comic series from writer Christian Tropeano, artist Gian Fernando, colorist Beyond Colorlab, letterer Joel Rodriguez, and edited by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari.

Thud Hits Comic Shops This November From Scout Comics!

Bo is a creative in his early 30s that lives in Oakcago. Lately, he’s been feeling apathetic and directionless and tired of the repetitive character of his life. In the midst of his confusion, the one constant in his life has been a comic book character that he created and has drawn since he was a kid. Bo gets into an accident—and that’s when everything changes. Around about this time, a mysterious character suddenly appears in Oakcago, but is this in the real world or simply all in Bo’s head? 

Thud is by writer/artist/letterer Bryan Odiamar and edited by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari. Out in November from Scout Comics!

The Life and Death of the Brave Captain Suave is Coming Soon from Scout

Scout Comics has announced The Life and Death of the Brave Captain Suave. The series is a modern-day retelling of Don Quixote, in which a homeless man imagines himself a Golden Age–style superhero and drags a skeptical young drug addict on a series of adventures.

Set in Cleveland, the series follows a homeless man who lost his job and then his family, driving him into a vagrant state of disillusionment and comic book fantasy. Yet his actions will leave readers questioning who is really crazy. Is it so insane to want to help people, or does the true madness lie with those who see suffering and choose to look the other way? The story loosely follows the satirical, metatextual plot of Cervantes’s classic.

The Life and Death of the Brave Captain Suave is written by Joseph Sieracki with art by Kelly Williams, lettering by Taylor Esposito, and edited by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari.

Lunar Ladies Launches This July From Scout Comics!

The Lunar Ladies opens with a heated ray gun battle between Queen Velouria and a lunatic scientist named Venus Verga. Velouria flees to prehistoric Earth with her lover, Star, and her young daughter, Clare. Velouria bestows the moon’s greatest treasure to Clare – a powerful talisman that must stay in the possession of the royal bloodline.

Mad with bloodlust, Venus gives chase with an army of bio-engineered male clones that land on prehistoric Earth. This sets the stage for an epic conflict between Venus’ army and a rag-tag coalition of lunar ladies, prehistoric humans and native Earth animals. In the time of greatest need, Clare harnesses the power of the moonstone talisman to deliver a crushing blow to Venus’ forces.

A million years ago, in outer space, a highly-advanced society of women lives under the surface of the moon. Their peaceful way of living is quietly fracturing from the inside, as political ideologies pit the queen of the moon against a geneticist hell bent on usurping the queen’s power. The Lunar Ladies is an homage to the public domain character, Moon Girl, complete with Golden Age ray guns and laser rays. Pew-pew!

The Lunar Ladies is from writer Omar Morales, artist Joel Cotejar, colors by Paula Goulart, and lettering by Jaymes Reed. It’s edited by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari and copy editor Joel Edelman. It’s out July from Scout Comics.

The Lunar Ladies
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