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Preview: Disney Comics and Stories #12

Disney Comics and Stories #12

(W) Augusto Macchetto, Enrico Faccini, Frederico Rossi (A) Andrea Freccero, Peter Facinelli, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio (CA) Marco Mazzarello
In Shops: Jun 10, 2020
SRP: $5.99

Goofy takes center stage in this issue with three stories featuring everyone’s favorite best friend! Find out what Goofy and Mickey and all their pals get up to in “Goofy and the Creepy Crawler,” “A Castle for Goofy,” and “At the Hotel.” Gawrsh!

Disney Comics and Stories #12

Preview: Uncle Scrooge #50

Uncle Scrooge #50

(W) Vito Stabile, Pietro B Zemelo, Silvia Gianatti (A) Frederico Franzo, Nico Picone (CA) Andrea Freccero
In Shops: Nov 13, 2019
SRP: $5.99

Celebrate the 50th-issue milestone of IDW’s ongoing Uncle Scrooge title with the conclusion of the four-part story “Under Siege”! With the Beagle Boys and Magica De Spell causing no end of headaches for Uncle Scrooge and his friends and family, will the bad guys finally win-or will a little help come from some unexpected sources to turn the tide? Then, in “My Best Friend: Loyal for Life,” find out why Quackmore and Uncle Scrooge have such a strong and unwavering bond. That’s two stories highlighting everyone’s favorite miserly duck, so join in the fun with the citizens of Duckburg in a salute to Uncle Scrooge!

Uncle Scrooge #50

Preview: Disney Comics and Stories #7

Disney Comics and Stories #7

(W) Laura Shaw, Mark Shaw, Daniele Vessella (A) Giorgio Cavazzano, Maurizio Amendola (CA) Andrea Freccero
In Shops: Oct 09, 2019
SRP: $5.99

Presenting two brand-new-to-the-U.S. stories featuring Donald Duck! They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but when one of Gyro Gearloose’s crazy inventions has an unexpected effect on the soil near Uncle Scrooge’s Money Bin, a literal money tree sprouts overnight-much to Uncle Scrooge’s greed and delight! Then, in “The Distracted Delay,” Donald decides to get a 10-hour start on his date with Daisy to avoid the usual disasters, but even with that long of a head start, he might STILL manage to not make it in time! Will Daisy give him the benefit of the doubt, or is too little, too late? Or is there an unexpected surprise in store for Donald?

Disney Comics and Stories #7

Preview: Mickey Mouse: The Quest for the Missing Memories

Mickey Mouse: The Quest for the Missing Memories

Francesco Artibani (w) • Giorgio Cavazzano, Marco Gervasio, Andrea Freccero, Marco Mazzarello (a) • Marco Ghiglione (c)

Celebrate Mickey’s 90th anniversary with this original collection featuring a brand-new eight-episode story that will be treasured by fans of Mickey Mouse and his friends for decades to come! When Mickey is struck with amnesia, it’s up to his closest friends to remind him who he is and what he stands for! Join Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Eega Beeva, and more as they help celebrate the True Original that is Mickey Mouse in a story that will resonate with Disney fans young and old. Drawn by eight of Disney’s top artists, this special collection is the perfect way to celebrate Mickey’s magical milestone!

TPB • FC • $14.99 • 168 pages • 6’’ x 9’’ • ISBN: 978-1-68405-485-5

Mickey Mouse: The Quest for the Missing Memories

Preview: Uncle Scrooge: Treasure Above the Clouds

Uncle Scrooge: Treasure Above the Clouds

Giorgio Fontana, Carlo Gentina, Evert Geradts, Carl Fallberg, Carl Barks, and Jerry Siegel (w) • Marco Mazzarello, Carlo Gentina, Carmen Perez, Marco Rota, Daan Jippes, Romano Scarpa, and Sandro Del Conte (a) • Jonathan Gray and Andrea Freccero (c)

In “Treasure Above the Clouds,” Scrooge battles playboy plutocrat John D. Rockerduck for ownership of an awesome Incan treasure! Then, it’s Valentine’s Day in Duckburg, and Scrooge faces a firestorm from two dastardly dates—Klondike goldminer Glittering Goldie and brassy business-gal Brigitta MacBridge! And in “Money is the Root of Upheaval!,” a duck tale by Jerry Siegel, Scrooge McDuck travels through time to find riches in ancient Egypt—only to wind up stranded in a dystopian future! Collects IDW’s Uncle Scrooge issues #35-37.

TPB • FC • $12.99 • 96 pages • 6” x 9” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-424-4

Uncle Scrooge: Treasure Above the Clouds

Preview: Uncle Scrooge #40

Uncle Scrooge #40

Carlo Chendi, Joe Torcivia (w) • Giorgio Cavazzano (a) • Andrea Freccero (c)

“The Case of the Saucer Impostor!” O.K. Quack’s coin-shaped spaceship can shrink to the size of a real coin—and since Scrooge McDuck spent it and lost it, he’s forced to help Humphrey Gokart, ace detective, find it!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Preview: Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #743

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #743

Gorm Transgaard, Byron Erickson, Lars Jensen (w) • Freddy Milton (a) • Andrea Freccero (c)

Joining the “Brotherhood of Bad Luck,” ever-jinxed Donald could win big by winning bad—so how could he possibly lose? Then “Goofy’s Monster” storms Mouseton… but there’s more than one scare out there!

FC • 48 pages • $5.99

Preview: Donald and Mickey Quarterly #4

Donald and Mickey Quarterly #4

Andrea “Casty” Castellan, Joe Torcivia, William Van Horn (w) • Andrea “Casty” Castellan, William Van Horn (a) • Andrea Freccero (c)

Cease all motor functions! In the conclusion of “The Terrifying World of Tutor,” a planet of giant robots has captured thousands of Earth’s animals—and it’s up to Mickey to rescue Pluto! Then, in “The Line,” mad artist Donald wants to draw a real-life horizon line across Duckburg!

FC • 48 pages • $5.99

Preview: Uncle Scrooge #38

Uncle Scrooge #38

Pat and Carol McGreal (w) • Giorgio Cavazzano (a) • Andrea Freccero (c)

“Mismatched Mentors.” Scrooge McDuck is forced to teach business skills to a bratty little kid—on the same day that Magica De Spell is tutoring a young apprentice in black magic! How many ways can this go wrong?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Preview: Walt Disney Showcase #4: Goofy

Walt Disney Showcase #4: Goofy

Augusto Macchetto, Giorgio Salati, Joe Torcivia, Jonathan Gray (w) • Massimo De Vita, Stefano Intini (a) • Andrea Freccero (c)

“A Pocket in Time!” Goofy’s daredevil cousin Arizona Goof is back—but can he crack the secret of future-man Eega Beeva’s technology? Plus: another outrageous installment of Goofy Online!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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