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Chris “Doc” Wyatt and Chris Grine Team for Alien Bones, an All Ages Graphic Novel, out this October

Here on Earth, more than a thousand species of dinosaurs have been named and identified. But what about— alien dinosaurs? This October, timed to International Dinosaur Month, Emmy nominated writer Chris “Doc” Wyatt, Eisner nominated artist Chris Grine and 1First Comics will publish Alien Bones, an all ages outer space graphic novel, with plenty of robots, pirates and, of course, alien dinosaurs.

The story spun out of Wyatt’s wanting to thrill his son with an adventure in the universe. Mixing the “dinosaur phase” kids go through with space, the result was an adventure with dinosaurs in space!

Alien Bones, ten-year old Liam Mycroft roams the galaxy in a starship with his paleontologist father. They search for the fossils of extinct alien dinosaurs. Liam’s father disappears inside the mysterious ruins of an underground alien city. Liam, his best friend Dianna, his robot Standard-5, and his tiny pet dino are launched on a cosmic adventure. It’s an adventure that could impact the entire human race.  

1First Comics will publish the Alien Bones graphic novel to be available in comic stores on October 2 and in bookstores on October 8th.

Alien Bones