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Health Care Voter Wants You to (Lightsaber) Rally for the Affordable Care Act

Health Care Voter is an organization who’s working to lift up the voices of millions of Americans who will lose their health care under the Republican health insurance repeal bill.

In honor of May the 4th the organization has been holding a “lightsaber rally” in Washington, DC to “protect our health care from the GOP Empire’s attack.” You can sign their petition on their site to show your support.

As the majority of individuals in the comic book industry are freelancers, access to health care is crucial as many will need to purchase their own and can’t afford expensive premiums. Comic creators are forced to rely on organizations and handouts like the Hero Initiative in later years and can easily fall into financial trouble due to the simplest medical need.

If you support comic creators, you need to support cheap and affordable health care.

Support Comic Creators By Rejecting Graham-Cassidy and Supporting Healthcare

We’ve reiterated numerous times on our site that ending the Affordable Care Act would have a devestating impact on the comic industry. Way back in February I brought up the fact the industry should get organized politically to oppose legislation such as this and prepare for battles in the future.

Here’s what I had to say then:

The pay for comic creators can be pretty low and add on top of that a lack of benefits and it’s clear that eeking out a living as a creator isn’t the easiest or most rewarding career there is. Freelance creators are forced to purchase their own healthcare through the ACA, from a union, a spouse, or through another job. That first option is currently at risk with threats of a repeal which will cost an estimated 18 million people their insurance in the first year.

Our insurance system is flawed, that’s not what this is about, this is about ensuring an easy way for self-employed individuals to gain insurance, not be discriminated against due to pre-existing conditions, and benefiting women and helping with their choice of birth control.

A repeal would increase costs by either putting some individuals in a high cost “risky pool,” deny coverage outright, or increase out of pocket benefits. It’s estimated that women will have to pay $1.4 billion in copay for birth control for instance.

That’s less money in the pockets of creators. More freelance jobs needed to take. Possibly greater cover prices due to the need to charge more by freelancers. Decreased health. Less money means less traveling for conventions. Less interaction because time spent online is time not spent earning money.

Quality of life will decrease for those in the industry.

What this means is the industry needs to start thinking of solutions. A guild through which freelancers could purchase insurance or publishers offering ways for creators to buy into their offerings are both solutions. Now is the time to think this through before it’s too late.

All of that stands today and we’re about seven days until creators who rely on the ACA can breathe a bit easier. Republican Senators are attempting to ram through legislation to gut the ACA before the end of the month because after they’ll need to work with Democrats as they’ll have to get 60 votes to pass major legislation.

Cassidy-Graham is a joke of a legislation shifting funds into block grants for states and allowing them to each set up their own system and standards. Some might do better than what the government does while others could gut protections and guarantees that exist causing skyrocketing costs leaving individuals destitute.

It’s reported that:

  • 21 to 32 million will lose their insurance
  • Those with pre-existing conditions will not be protected
  • “Under this bill, pregnancy will cost you an extra 17K. Metastatic cancer 172K. Autism 5K. Asthma 4K.” Just some examples.

Those with pre-existing conditions will see increases in their insurance and those who face life threatening illnesses won’t be able to afford treatment. While John McCain has said he will oppose the legislation putting the 50 votes it needs in doubt, there’s still a chance like a serial killer in a movie, it’ll come back to life before the month is done.

So, we’re asking you to take action and make your voice heard. Here’s a handy tool that you can fill out and they’ll connect you with your elected officials as well as a script for you to read. By doing so, you’ll support creators and allow them to worry about one thing less in their lives when this legislation is defeated.