UDON releases new Persona 5 Manga This Spring!

UDON Entertainment has announced the next release in its Persona series of manga, Persona 5: Comic à la CarteThis official oversized(!) manga anthology of Persona 5 short stories and gag strips brings fans more of the characters and universe they love. Created by over a dozen incredible manga talents, Persona 5: Comic à la Carte will be on store shelves everywhere this June 13th!

The stories range from playful to deadly, as the Phantom Thieves build their friendships on thrilling shopping dates, visiting back-alley doctors, tackling giant burger challenges, and even preparing their own recipes! Joker, Oracle, Skull, and the team will never be the same!

Persona 5: Comic à la Carte features stories by YuztanKyosuke Suga, Tachibananoneko, Ran, Ueno, Tsukito, Tokiwa, Kazuichi, Ryuuseee, 337, Miyasumi, Kyouichi, and Suga Toshio! The book also features gorgeous pin-ups by KEI, Hiro Kiyohara, Eiri Iwamoto, and CHANXCO!

With fans clamoring for more of the Phantom Thieves since Persona 5 Royal made its debut on every major console and PC, now is the perfect time to get a little more Persona on the side, so to speak, in Persona 5: Comic À La Carte! 

Persona 5: Comic à la Carte