Young Justice Phantoms pt 2 w/ Dr. Khaliden Nas & Nathaniel Hubbard

Fish people thruples & critiques of the space prison system abound as DC‘s Young Justice animated series returns on HBO Max to conclude its 4th season. Guests that helped me cover the first half of this season have returned to update our DCAU mood boards with the Emerald Empress and some Fourth World worthy art.

Dr. Khaliden Nas is a writer & researcher with a PhD in Media and Culture Studies from the University of Sussex. His work explores the realities of queer subjectivity, self-conception, otherness and the intersections of culture and identity.

Nathaniel Hubbard, or Hub, is a podcaster and writer. He is the co-host and producer of Titan Up the Defense  a podcast where he and his brother cover Teen Titans and Defenders comics in chronological order.

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PS. Dick Grayson clearly picked up all the red yarn Hub had to throw away when his Cameleon Lad conspiracy theory fell apart. But has Khaliden cooked up a whole new theory for Beast Boy’s corgi? “Name a shapeshifter— that’s who it is.”

“Dick Grayson is no Detective Chimp” — Hub.