Master of the Universe’s Sun-Man is Available to Order

Mattel previously announced that the Rulers of the Sun, with its multicultural Black, Latino and Asian characters, will be joining the Masters of the Universe Origins line in 2022. The first hero to join He-Man is Sun-Man, one of the pioneering Black action figures, available for preorder today and arriving on shelves around the globe this Spring. As the 40th anniversary of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe kicks off in 2022,  Sun-Man and the Rulers of the Sun bring He-Man new, powerful partners in his battle against evil. 

The Rulers of the Sun line will be joining the Masters of the Universe across multiple toy lines, including Masters of the Universe Origins, inspired by the original toys from the 1980s, and the new Masters of the Universe: Masterverse which celebrates the evolution of the franchise. Along with Sun-Man, upcoming allies include Digitino, a Latino computer wizard and Space Sumo, an Asian telekinetic ninja. Together they fight for justice against their nemesis, the evil Pig-Head, a devious and spiteful lord who spreads fear and despair around the world.

Created in 1985 by Yla Eason, inspired by her son, who feared he could never be a superhero because of the color of his skin, Sun-Man was a groundbreaking character for Black children and superhero fans alike, who saw a hero who looked like them and whose superpower was actually drawn from the organic connection between his skin-color and the power of the sun.

Previously released through Mattel Creations as a special limited edition figure last year, Sun-Man immediately sold out within minutes, showing the passion of fans for the hero. Under this partnership licensing agreement, Mattel is granted the right to produce Sun-Man from The Rulers of the Sun collection. Olmec Toys and Yla Eason retain all rights to the Sun-Man property. Mattel’s purpose across all franchises has been to empower the next generation to explore the wonder of childhood and reach their full potential. As a part of this commitment, the company will continue to find ways that our content and toys can better represent the diverse world kids live in today. 

Masters of the Universe Origins Sun-Man is available today for preorder on,, and