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Galactus and Glowing Mr. Burns Pop! Figures from Funko Lead July PREVIEWS Exclusive Collectibles

Diamond Comic Distributors, the world’s largest distributor of comics, graphic novels, and pop culture merchandise, announced in July the upcoming release of several PREVIEWS Exclusive collectibles. Included in these announcements were the Galactus and Glowing Mr. Burns Pop! figures from Funko, Storm Shadow and Lord Drakkon 1/6 scale figures from threezero, a new Master Chief figure and female type Synthetic Human figure from 1000toys, a Black Widow figure from Kotobukiya, and the latest series of Alien and Predator 1/18 scale figures from Hiya Toys.

Diamond and Funko continue their long-running partnership with the announcement of two new PREVIEWS Exclusive Funko Pop! figures. Following the successful release of the PREVIEWS Exclusive Jumbo Marvel Galactus 10-inch Pop! figure earlier this year, Funko announced a new wave of PREVIEWS Exclusive Jumbo Galactus Pop! figures (JAN219197, SRP $45.99) with a redesigned look. This redesigned Galactus Pop! is a blacklight-reactive figure featuring classic square pupils, a vibrant pink helmet and comic-shaded neon purple armor, complete with a classic comic accurate paint job. Also announced was the Galactus the Lifebringer and The Fallen One chase variant, featuring a brilliant orange, blacklight-deco design.

Funko also announced the PREVIEWS Exclusive Glowing Mr. Burns Pop! figure (JAN218320, SRP $14,99). As seen in the 1997 The Simpsons episode “The Springfield Files,” this Mr. Burns figure glows in the dark and seems to levitate right off its base. The figure stands about 3 3/4” tall and comes packaged in Funko’s iconic collector-friendly window box. Also announced was the translucent chase version which features Mr. Burns sporting his healthy green glow, obtained after years of working at the nuclear plant.

Threezero announced a pair of PREVIEWS Exclusive 1/6 scale figures, the G.I. Joe Camo Storm Shadow figure and the Power Ranger supervillian Lord Drakkon figure. Standing at 12″ tall, the PREVIEWS Exclusive 1/6 scale Camo Storm Shadow (JUN218917, SRP $180.00) collectible figure features threezero’s standard fully articulated body with realistic seamless arms, a hand-tailored fabric camouflage costume, and includes the full accessory loadout of the standard 1/6 scale Storm Shadow figure, as well as two fists with claws that are exclusive to this variant. The PREVIEWS Exclusive 1/6 scale Lord Drakkon figure (JUN218916, SRP $140.00) features about 34 points of articulation and stands approximately 12″ tall. The figure features a hand-tailored fabric costume, Black Dragon shield, arm braces, and unique Mighty Morphin helmet, as well as his standard utility belt, Saba (short sword), interchangeable hands with a Dragon Dagger and matching holster

1000Toys also announced in July a pair of PREVIEWS Exclusive figures, the Halo Infinite Master Chief Mjolnir MK VI Gen 3 figure and a female type Synthetic Human figure. The PREVIEWS Exclusive Master Chief figure (JUN218099, SRP $165.00) is 1/12 scale figure, faithfully recreated based on the game’s modeling data. Included with the Master Chief figure are the iconic MA40 Assault Rifle, CQS48 Bulldog, and the Elite Bloodblade Energy Sword, along with a Brute Shock Rifle. The PREVIEWS Exclusive female type Synthetic Human (JUN219430, SRP $88.00) features a new joint design, which  enables a wide range of articulation, exceeding the previously released male type Synthetic Human figure. Included with this exclusive figure are four pairs of hands, three types of chest pieces, an inner skull face and a hairpiece for mimicking a real human.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive Marvel Universe Black Widow White Costume figure (MAY219003, SRP $174.99) from Kotobukiya is the newest figure to join their ArtFX Premier Series. The figure appears donning her white costume as seen in the Marvel film and placed atop an arctic-themed base. Each limited-edition PREVIEWS Exclusive Black Widow figure has its own unique serial number making each one a one-of-a-kind.

The latest round of PREVIEWS Exclusive 1/18 scale figures from Hiya Toys consist of signature items like the Alien vs. Predator Xeno Warrior (JUN218182, SRP $19.99), the Open Mouth Jungle Predator (JUN218183, SRP $19.99), and Thomas Kane donning his spacesuit (JUN218181, SRP $19.99).

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