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Bridge Works Entertainment and Chido Comics Team to Highlight Latinx Storytelling

Chido Comics Bridge Works Entertainment

Bridge Works Entertainment and Chido Comics are partnering to bring television series and films featuring Latin based narratives to US audiences. The purpose behind Bridge’s founder George Salinas‘ mission is to promote and uplift projects that fall under the radar with American audiences. Salinas recently partnered with Ivan Plaza, owner, and founder of the Latinx comic book publisher, Chido Comics, to produce their next TV and film titles. This partnership was formed to create Latinx superhero stories, among other genres, and share Latin based narratives thriving in the comic book culture with the US audience. This expansion will bring new premium television series and films to the U.S. audience.

George and Bridge Works have a vast number of formats in his catalog from Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, Japan, and recently expanded to Germany and South Korea. As part of the expansion for Bridge Works Entertainment, Salinas has brought on Miriam Reyna to serve as executive producer and head of content.

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