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Open an Early Holiday Present with Cosplayer Tenshi Meirou

Forget leaving a plate full of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk for Good ‘Ol Saint Nick. Instead, why not give this exclusive interview from Raven Steel to keep Santa warm all through the night. My next cosplayer guest comes from a lovely country from Hungary. She’s lived there all of her life with her and her husband and has made some of the most beautiful cosplay wear ever seen. She is tall and a full-figured gal, but truly believes body-types should never stop from anyone to create a character he/she loves to portray. So please give your best Holiday Cheer to this wonderfully talented and beautifully alluring cosplayer, Mrs. Tenshi Meirou.

Raven: Welcome Tenshi Meirou. It is a pleasure to finally meet you. Please come sit by the roaring fire and enjoy my Christmas oasis. 

Tenshi: I am so happy and honored to be here doing this interview with you, Raven.

Raven: Your interview is best interpreted as me having a PS5 and the New Xbox series X under my Christmas tree with a year off from work with pay That’s how I’m so excited for this interview.

Tenshi: Thank you!

Raven: As you may not know before I begin all of my interview questions, I offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career. I hope you’ll take these words to heart whenever the world becomes too much to bear and you need that little push to get you back on track. So here goes, “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great!” So carry a big bow and have lots of quivers.

Now with that being said, please Tenshi, tell me about yourself.

Tenshi: Welcome dear readers, I’m Meirou Tenshi from Hungary. I’ve been cosplaying together with my husband since 2012.

Raven: What does Tenshi Meirou want for this year’s Christmas? 

Tenshi: I just wish 2021 to be better for everyone than in 2020. <3

Raven: Your color eyes and hair? 

Tenshi: I have blue eyes and light brown hair. I like naturality, never dyed my hair.

Raven: How tall are you? 

Tenshi: I’m 176 cm. Is it tall?

Raven: Do you have a special talent that no one knows about?

Tenshi: If overthinking would be a sport I would be no1, haha!

Raven: Do you speak or write any other languages?

Tenshi: I can only speak English other than my mother tongue, but some years ago I started learning Japanese. Sadly it was too hard, but I can translate little parts from the manga if I need it. I’m a real shoujo manga lover.

Raven: For the record, what sort of Christmas gift do the women of Hungary want? 

Tenshi: If she likes you, anything. If she feels you care about her, she’s already happy. (Chocolate of course. :P) But maybe some flowers are something special!

Raven: What does Tenshi Meirou love seeing during this Holiday Season? 

Tenshi: I’m always waiting for some snow as Christmas is coming, but the lights on the streets make me feel the warmth of the holidays.

We live in a small town, in the center you can hear Christmas songs played from the castle.

Raven: What sort of music do you love to listen to? 

Tenshi: I’m nostalgic about music, my favorite songs are still from my high school or earlier years, mainly rock or punk-rock.

But if I need to say one “band” it would be Owl City. It’s something special.

Raven: Is there a deep-dark secret you have been holding all these years and now are ready to confess (Just me being funny)?

Tenshi: Well, If I must confess, I like to help others, do things what they like. But if I say “I will make some sweet for you” I’m lying… I make it for myself. Sweets are life. I just love you enough to give from it. :D

Raven: Is there a candy or dessert you crave during this Holiday season?

Tenshi: We always make “méteres kalács”! I don’t know if it’s a well-known dessert or not, but we always make it around Christmas.

Raven: What sort of places would you show Raven Steel to have a good time or good eats?

Tenshi: I actually would show you my hometown. It’s sweet, calm, our little castle is beautiful and my parents have a restaurant here with some local specialties like goulash in a bread bowl. For one day, everyone would love it.

Raven: What makes you nerdy or geeky or just a beautiful gypsy?

Tenshi: I love a lot of games, anime, and mangas. It’s just hard to make everything that I love!

Raven: Are you a social butterfly or a quiet mouse?

Tenshi: I’m really quiet in person and on the internet, too. I like to hear others more than to talk. Of course not now! :)

Raven: Is there a celebrity star you would be happy to kiss under the mistletoe?

Tenshi: My husband is the biggest star in my life. :D  

Raven: Is there an anime/manga character best describes your personality? 

Tenshi: It’s a really hard question because people are way more complex. But maybe Susukihotaru from Otome Youkai Zakuro.

She’s quiet and nervous with new people or new situations like me but kind to anyone.

What makes her unique is that she has an ability: if she touches someone she can feel that person’s feelings (or even memories from items). I felt it close to me as I’m always interested in what’s in others’ head and/or heart.

Raven: What got you into Cosplaying?

Tenshi: In 2008 I was at an anime convention in Budapest with my friends and saw cosplay for the first time. I told my boyfriend/now husband, Kumori, that I loved it and he said we could try it anytime.

Later in 2012, we went to another con together, me as Tsunade from Naruto and him as Luffy from One Piece. We loved the feeling and continued this creative hobby.

Raven: What is the #1 Christmas song you would sing all day long?

Tenshi: “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…”

Raven: I’ve noticed many of your cosplays are Anime/Manga characters. Are you attracted to doing them? 

Tenshi: Yes, I’m really in love with Japanese culture and mythology. Japanese stories also make a lot of women characters with a shy, quiet, and kind personality, what is my most loved.

Raven: What character(s) give you the biggest satisfaction in creating a cosplay?

Tenshi: It was surely Ubume from Onmyoji. It was my hardest dress that I ever made but sadly I still need to take a good photoshoot with her.

Raven: To surprise Raven Steel this Christmas, what Hungarian gift would you offer?

Tenshi: We have some really interesting sweets with cottage cheese! (Diabetes, anyone? :D) We also have a special bonbon “szaloncukor” which is traditionally hung upon the Christmas tree (or put under it). We love to eat, haha!

Raven: Being you are a full-figured woman do you feel it is a blessing or a curse when cosplaying? 

Tenshi: To be honest, it’s good and bad at the same time. Of course, I like to feel “sexy” or “good looking” but I don’t like to oversexualize a younger girl character.

The problem is that sometimes my favorites are far from my body type – like Nezuko from Kimetsu no Yaiba. Of course, I made her this year as I wanted, it’s just “not perfect” to my liking. Still love it, I’m just a big critic of my work. I also drop some plans because I realize it wouldn’t look good on me.

Raven: Breaking down your bedroom door, a hoard of Killer Elves is going to attack you. Raven: What weapon, in your room, would Tenshi Meirou pick up to defend herself with? 

Tenshi: Our cats! They are real devils with the speed of lightning.

Raven: How did you create your cosplayer name, Tenshi Meirou?  

Tenshi: In my high school years,  I suffered from depression, I was mostly alone at home as my parents worked so much. I already had Kumori as my boyfriend and I started to write stories about us in different situations and worlds. So I named the angel character Meirou Tenshi, which means “clear angel” and the demon character Kumori, which means “shadow or cloudy”.

As we lived far from each other I wrote about their love cursed by God so they needed to fight for their happiness again and again (quite like Nanatsu no Taizai’s story about Elizabeth and Meliodas. I guess that’s why I love cosplaying Elizabeth.)

Now we use their names as nicknames online. Oh, local thing: Here in Hungary, we write names like in Japan: Family name first.

Raven: Is there a Christmas gift you were completely surprised by? 

Tenshi: When Kumori gave me the Dragon Age Inquisition game! I waited for it to be released, but he was super fast, I was so happy. Still one of my favorite games.

Raven: How do you feel cosplaying Dark, Bloody, or Gothic interest you doing them or just the cute and sexy ones?

Tenshi: My main interest is “cute” or “elegant”. My sexy ones are mostly because it looks good on me or Kumori suggests it, or maybe for a cosplay group.

I also really love gothic dresses, but don’t know too much character for it. Not long ago my Banshee (from Iratus game) was finally a darker photoshoot, and I was pleased about it. Next year we plan to make an Alice, Madness Returns shoot with the girls.

Raven: What was the most embarrassing gift you got on Christmas Day? 

Tenshi: Years ago I got the same book from my mom and my cousins… it was awkward. 

Raven: Is cosplaying in your country very popular? Is it widely accepted? Are fellow cosplayers help each other?

Tenshi: This year has made the Hungarian cosplay community quiet. Some people favored more to go to conventions than to be in cosplay. For me, this year was much more active, because I made smaller projects and I didn’t need to make a bigger one to conventions.

So I feel it is less popular than earlier, but the small groups/friends have stayed together, especially my friends. I can’t say anything about the community, I feel like it’s the same as anywhere else: some people are supportive, some are toxic. But I’m happy that if I tell anyone that I sew costumes, they like it.

Raven: What sort of places in Hungary have you done a photo-shoot?

Tenshi: Sometimes we went out to a forest or once behind the castle, but I’m nervous in cosplay outside as people start to stare and also harder to work with the lights. So we prefer our little home studio or normal photo studios in Budapest. Sometimes we travel here if we find a perfect place.

Raven: Are there any places in the world you would do a photo shoot in?

Tenshi: Sadly, we haven’t traveled anywhere, but Japan is a must-have photoshoot.  I wish to take pictures in beautiful gardens, torii gates, and temples. I’m in love with kimonos and kimono-like dresses.

Raven: On Tenshi Meirou Christmas Special, who would be your celebrity guests?

Tenshi: Tsuda Kenjiro! He’s my ultimate favorite seiyuu. I always recognize him, he has a unique voice.

Raven: How do the people of your country celebrate Christmas?  

Tenshi: Here, Santa Claus arrives on the 6th of December and leaves chocolate at your window. On the 24th, close family members come together and “little Jesus” leaves his gifts to the little ones under the tree.

As an adult, I will spend the 24th with just Kumori (as my dear granny left this year) and visit my parents on the 25th. Nothing special, just spend some time together.

Raven: Is it true that Clinging to your drinking glasses is rude in public? 

Tenshi: Never heard about it, we do it anywhere with stronger alcohol (I’m not a big drinker by the way). :)

Raven: Are the characters you portray reflect your personality or do the personality of the characters you want to become?

Tenshi: I think my most loved characters have a little from me and somewhat I want to be. There are so many situations in which I wish to know how I would behave. I can just hope that if I will need it, I could be brave and confident. What I’m not! :D

Raven: From Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol, what ghost would be interesting to meet?

Tenshi: The 3rd for sure. It’s always interesting to see the future and to know if I want it to be different.

Raven: Was there ever a cosplay outfit that your fans loved but hated to wear? 

Tenshi: Lilithmon from Digimon. It was a lot of work and after we went to a con I just realized that “oh god, my whole chest is seen!”

I started to feel so uncomfortable that I wore a scarf on myself closely all the time. People loved it as it was really popular here when we were kids, and I learned that not everything is good in person what is good in a pictures. :D

Raven: If possible to give back all the appreciation from your fans, what sort of gift would you give them? 

Tenshi: If I could do anything, I would invite them to a drink and talk, get to know anyone at least a little.

Raven: Knowing Raven Steel was naughty all year long, what would you give him?

Tenshi: Santa would give you birch for sure! But I would give you some fancy chocolate. :D

Raven: How supportive has your friends, family, and/or loved one has been to you?

Tenshi: My parents always said that I should do what I want and love. (Still they never really understand why I’m cosplaying but never said to finish it, I already worked that time).

My current friends are cosplayers or anime fans, too, so they are super supportive. And of course, Kumori is my other half, always here to help and take photos of me. (These pictures were all made by him. <3)

Raven: Any sort of advice for aspiring cosplayers/prop makers out there? 

Tenshi: Just start cosplaying! Buy or order from someone, start with a wardrobe cosplay, or even try hand sewing if you feel the power!

But I surely advise everyone to try to make something from their own, at least once. It’s a different feeling to wear your hand’s work, and don’t be ashamed to try!

Raven: The most important question to ask, Can I get a Hug?

Tenshi: Everyone deserves a hug (just ask it kindly)! <3

Raven: How do you say in your language, “Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store? Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”

Tenshi: In the Hungarian version this was said:„ Talán ünnepet nem is vehetsz boltban, mert az ünnep inkább benned, legbelül van. ” 

Tenshi: Means: “Maybe you couldn’t buy the holidays in a store, because it’s rather deep in your heart”.

Tenshi: Thank you for your time Raven and everyone who read this much! Stay safe and celebrate with your loved ones! 

Raven: Tenshi, it was an honor to meet you and know a little more about the women of Hungarian. They’re certainly a special kind of European women and is a blessing to have in this world. A Merry Christmas to you and your family and a wonderful 2021 New Year.

Please Like. Please Share. And above all, please Love this Holiday Season.

This is a Raven Steel exclusive.

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