Peter J. Tomasi Presents Challenge of the Super Sons!

This December, the Super Sons return! Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne—DC’s World’s Finest Friends—are back in an action-packed new comic book series from writer Peter J. Tomasi! DC’s new series, Challenge of the Super Sons, debuts digitally on December 14, 2020, with the first of fourteen 99-cent chapters.

Picking up where Tomasi’s sensational Super Sons and Adventures of the Super Sons left off, Damian and Jon—the assassin-trained son of Batman and the boy-next-door son of Superman—tackle their greatest threat ever: the deadly DOOM SCROLL. Whoever (whomever? We can never tell) has their name inscribed on this ancient and magical parchment will be killed post-haste. Now, the evil powers-that-be have written the names of the Justice League on the deadly doc, and Superboy and Robin are the only ones who can save their dads from certain doom! The catch? No one can know it was the boys that saved them. 

DC’s Super Sons saga began in 2017 when Tomasi and Jorge Jiménez launched Super Sons within DC’s Rebirth line of comics. Challenge of the Super Sons picks up directly after 2018’s Adventures of the Super Sons maxi-series left off—the boys are, indeed, back in town.

Tomasi joins forces in this third Super Sons volume with artist Max Raynor, with additional guest spots by Jorge Corona and Evan Stanley, for another romp through the DC universe alongside everyone’s favorite Super Sons! Cover artwork for the new series is by Jorge Jiménez.

Challenge of the Super Sons debuts digitally on December 14, 2020, with the first of fourteen weekly 99-cent chapters. There will be a season break in the middle of the publishing run.

Challenge of the Super Sons