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Cullen Bunn Announces RAZE, a New Dark Fantasy Universe

RAZE: Mother, Maiden, Crone

Cullen Bunn is bringing a new dark fantasy world to life in RAZE: Mother, Maiden, Crone. This is the first prose novella in a series, introducing Siris and Kast, a pair of cold-blooded adventurers seeking to profit from the impending apocalypse. The world of RAZE was created by Bunn and Shawn Lee, with Bunn writing the novellas.

Blood soaks the earth. The ground is carpeted in corpses. Carrion birds feast as power-crazed warlords indulge their bloodlust in never-ending battle.

An ancient convent watches over the ceaseless struggle. A sanctuary from war, the Convent of Sacred Visitation offers care, medicine, and healing to any who seek their aid. Within these walls, no creed nor code nor fealty is recognized.

Through the haze of battle, two strangers arrive at the convent’s gates. One is a healer. The other is a warrior. They have treachery, thievery, and murder on their minds.

But lies and betrayal and corruption are not unknown to the Sisterhood of Sacred Visitation. The secrets hidden in the depths of the convent have brought death to many who have sought to bring them into the light.

And an antediluvian evil is stirring in the realm—an ancient hunger roused by the ever-growing miasma of warfare, strife, and slaughter.

The time of the Razing has dawned.

RAZE is a dark story. While it’s a fantasy world, this isn’t one of dragons, dwarves, or elves. Instead, it’s an even dark version of the Dark Ages, a heavy metal “pre-apocalypse”. This is a world driven by hatred and war where heroes aren’t present. The series focuses on Siris and Kast, a pair of “self-destructive, pitiless, malicious monsters” who aren’t “seeking redemption… They serve their own lusts and desires and all else be damned.”

RAZE: Mother, Maiden, Crone is the first in a series of prose novellas set in the world of RAZE. It is also the first publication in the Pulp Monster line.

The novella will be available on November 27 for Kindle through Amazon.

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