Review: White Widow #4


When they say don’t meet your heroes, the obvious reason is always in the back of your head. The ultimate reason is that they will not live up to your expectations. Sometimes, that may be a good thing. When you find out that they are human like you and me, that actually endears them further to you.

Then there are those who give you cold looks and or are absolute jerks. Case and point, a certain local celebrity that is from my area,  I saw them in a hotel lobby and instead of being a good human being and saying good morning, he acted as if his phone went off, to avoid me asking for an autograph. I always wondered if he actually was there for more sinister reasons. In the 4th  issue of White Widow, our protagonist finds out someone she confides in is not what she seems.

We find Gabrielle under attack from Artemis. Artemis has superpowers just like Gabrielle and leaves her not knowing how to defend herself. That keeps her off balance. She soon finds her footing and eludes Artemis, without any time to adjust. We also find out that Pulse was working on two super-powered beings, Recluse and Blood Widow, who will do the company’s bidding. By the issue’s end, Andromeda looks for White Widow and Pulse looks to unleash their backup plan.

Overall, an excellent chapter in this enthralling series. The story by Benny Powell is action-packed. The art by the creative team is simply out of this world. Altogether, the story puts its heroes in the most uncomfortable situations, the way we like them.

Story: Benny Powell Art: Jamie Tyndall, Iwan Nazif, and Jonboy Meyers
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy