Recap/Review: Umbrella Academy S2E2 “The Frankel Footage”

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 2

The Rundown: Last season when Hazel shot the commission Handler in the head, we thought that was the end of her and the commission but, we were wrong. Three minutes later she was back at work and just demoted and replaced by a fish named AJ. Five tries to make amends and get his brother on board with joining up with the team but, he’s not interested in being Number One again. Number Five discovers the super 8 Frankel Footage that Hazel slid into his pocket before he died and, he uses his conspiracy friend. Vanya is searching the newspapers for a clue as to who she is since her memory is still gone. Diego and his mental ward cohort Lila swap clothes and hit the road and there seems to be a whole lot of sparks and mischief between them. Allison’s husband is arrested for her attack on the racist Mr. Mason by a couple of racist cops. Klaus is in the same jail as Allison’s husband for stealing the truck after the poker game. And, all of the academy kids have a trio of gun-toting assassins on their trails but, they don’t know it and they are all alone.

Best Scene: This episode is chocked full of great scenes, from the near misses with the siblings to Luther’s super touching reconnect with Vanya in the barn, which was a close second. But, the scene that I loved the most was watching Allison’s hubby and Klaus connect in jail and Klaus not understanding that police could hold innocent black men in jail with no charges and being righteously upset and confused about the injustice of it. It was a nice touch and metaphor for how people who aren’t of color don’t realize what happens to “others” until they meet someone affected by it.

Episode MVP: Lila. I’m sorry but, watching her play crazy and worry about her sanity was touching. Given the time and how little it took for women to get sent to the psych ward, it was refreshing to see her trying to self-correct and mentally check in with herself. She was also super charming and funny AF and played with the realness, sincerity, and beauty. I can’t wait to hear/see more of her back story because I’m sure it is just as interesting and nuanced as she is.

Overall: Episode two is an emotional rollercoaster. The characters nearly missing each other throughout the episode kept making my heart race and the touching and tender moments between Lila and Diego, Luther and Vanya, Klaus, and Allison’s husband, Allison and her husband and Vanya and the woman who saved her. It catches us up and readies us for the team meeting up and saving the world, even though it might not be worth saving. Also, that fight scene between Diego and daddy Hargreeves was fire, daddy was smooth with it and essentially pop and locked through a fight.

Best Line(s) : “You are an open book, written for very dumb children.“ – Lila to Diego.