Recap: Umbrella Academy S1E9 “Changes”


In Umbrella Academy‘s ninth episode “Changes” we found out that Vanya was always a bit of a problem and the reason that Grace (Mom) was created was that Hargreeves needed a nanny to watch the kids that Vanya couldn’t kill because she had gotten rid of quite a few of them. In the present time, Harold is cleaning the blood off of Vanya and trying to convince her that the only way to protect herself is to take on her brothers because they will kill her for killing Allison. But, she doesn’t buy it and thinks that she can explain to them what happened and they will help her. The brothers bring Allison back to the manor for mom and Pogo to operate of her lacerated vocal cords, she’s hanging on by a thread and needs blood since Luther is part ape and Klaus’s blood is too polluted, Diego offers himself up but, he’s scared of needles and faints so, they take his blood while he’s passed out. Klaus upset that no one takes him seriously decides to relapse and discovers that sober, Ghost Ben can use his body and Ben punches the pills out of his mouth and we all love a good Level Up.


Back at Harold/Leonard’s while Vanya is freaking out about hurting her sister, she discovers the journal and figures out what he’s been doing to her, he tries to explain but,  Vanya feels like he’s the reason she killed her sister and when she asks him who Harold Jenkins is she realizes what he really is. He explains that he killed the first chair to get her the audition and all she wants is to go home and back to her family because she loves them, he then resorts to being cruel and calling her names and she explodes, literally and kills him.

Cha-Cha finds Hazel’s hideaway and attacks the waitress. Number Five, Klaus, and Diego find Harold and realize that he is the owner of the eye but, they don’t know that Vanya isn’t in danger, she is the danger. They head back to the manor and we find out that all that happened to Allison was her vocal cords were damaged which means, Vanya didn’t want to kill her, just stop her from talking. Diego heads off to find Cha-Cha and Hazel to kill them before the world ends since he thinks that it’s not going to happen now that Harold is dead. Hazel heads to the manor to talk it out with Five but, Diego shows up and starts attacking him, Five incapacitates Diego and Hazel lets him know that he wants to help him stop the apocalypse so he can stay with the doughnut lady.  He gives up Cha-Cha to help them clear Diego’s name and when he returns to the waitress he finds the trap she set. Vanya returns to her apartment and hears the message that Allison left before heading to the cabin, where she apologizes and tells her that she loves her and after a huge cry session, decides to head home and confess. Allison wakes up and tells Luther that Vanya has powers, not to hurt her but, to help her but, Luther being Luther decides to “stop her” so, when she shows up Vanya learns that Allison is OK but, Luther in his anger decides to cage her, which is her worst fear.


When the other brothers and Allison discover what Luther has done, they try to get him to let her go because, she’s afraid and they love her and know that it was a mistake but, when Vanya wakes up in the cage alone, she freaks out and thinks that they are all against her and doesn’t know that they all want to let her out and talk it out with her.  She believes that they are yelling at her and mad at her but, they are all mad a Luther even Allison comes down to try and make Luther let her go but, she is weak and watching Allison try and save her sister while Vanya screams that she is sorry and, seeing the pain in both of their eyes, especially when Vanya thinks that Allison has given up on her will break your whole heart.

After the emotional horror of the Vanya trapped scene, we get sent to a humorous fight scene with happy music between Hazel and Cha-Cha over the fate of his new love and right before Cha can kill his new love, time stops and the Commission shows up. Back at the manor, Allison turns her back on Luther, Diego is enjoying smiley face pancakes from his mom, Vanya is losing her mind, Five returns Dolores to her mannequin stand and, Klaus testing his new power plays corporeal patty cake with his brother Ben.  The episode ends with Vanya talking to baby Vanya in the soundproof cage and little Vanya wants to cause some damage and enact revenge and tries to turn her against her family by recalling her worst childhood trauma and helps her break out by becoming the White Violin.


Side Note: How TF did Ellen Page not get nominated for all the awards for this episode alone?