Recap: Umbrella Academy S1E8 “I Heard a Rumor”

Umbrella Academy‘s eighth episode “Rumor” spends most of its 52 minutes focusing on Allison and Vanya, as it should. The sisters share a super tense and semi-estranged relationship and despite them not talking for years but, when it comes down to it Vanya’s safety is Allison’s ultimate concern above even her own safety. The episode starts by showing us the night that Allison used her powers on her daughter and, if I’m being honest, as a mom I wish I could get my kids to adhere to bedtime that easily. We also hear Allison’s daughter asking where Auntie Vanya was in the bedtime story, which shows that she must have talked to her daughter about her daughter fondly and a lot for her to bring that up. After the flashback the creators show us, Allison, in the car, at night, headed to Harold/Leonard’s cabin to rescue her “powerless” sister from a killer who has lied to her. But, even with the best intentions, things don’t always turn out the way you hope and can have dire consequences.

Hazel & Cha-Cha: While Hazel is on the run with his waitress love and trying to cram three years’ worth of bird watching into the two days that are left on earth, Cha-Cha who survived her initial run-in with Hazel is heading after them. After she blows up the doughnut diner she hits the road to make Hazel pay for a lot of things, mainly breaking her heart. She catches up to them and confronts (attacks) the waitress setting a trap for Hazel.

The Supernatural Learning Curve: After convincing Vanya to leave the hospital after his “attack” instead of sticking around for the police they head back to the cabin. Using a page (literally) out of Daddy Hargreeve’s playbook, Harold / Leonard takes Vanya to the woods behind the cabin and helps her control her gift. When the power scares her he consoles her and agrees to let her go back to the cabin but, when she doesn’t want to practice using the sound waves and instead desires to focus on prepping for her concert he tries to hold back his anger and decides to take another approach by sealing her into the cabin and making her think he disappeared. This unlocks memories of her childhood and being locked away by her father after an accident when she was training as a child.

The Brothers, Grim: with Allison off to save Vanya the male siblings are left to their own devices to figure out a plan. Klaus tells Luther and Five that he talked to dad and he committed suicide to bring the family back together to save the world. Luther gets confirmation from Pogo which sends him on another bender before, a recently released from jail a Diego tells him that Allison and Vanya are in danger and they need to go save them. Unfortunately, they arrive a little too late and see the aftermath of the sisters meet up.

The Sisters, Grimmer: Allison arrives at the Jenkin’s cabin but Vanya isn’t there, she drives around to find her and discovers the hold up is because of a bar fight. When she realizes that Vanya was there she uses her fame to get the cop to let her tag along to the hospital so she can investigate further. While there she finds out that Harold/Leonard paid the guys Vanya killed & injured to attack them. Still unaware that a Vanya is behind all of the mayhem she heads back to the cabin. Things don’t go according to plan though and when Vanya doesn’t believe Allison wants to help her or that Harold/Leonard is evil it triggers another memory and Allison remembers that she rumored Vanya to forget she had powers when they were four because her dad made her and she thought she was helping her. This sends Vanya into a rage and she slits Allison’s throat. While Vanya grieves over accidentally killing her sister Harold/ Leonard drags her away from the crime scene under the pretense of saving her.

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