Recap: Umbrella Academy S1E6 “The Day That Wasn’t”

Umbrella Academy‘s “The Day That Wasn’t starts off showing us what happened to close when he time jumped to the past. We see him fall in love with a fellow soldier and lose him to the war before getting snapped back to the present and the whole thing is still giving him nightmares and PTSD. With Five going missing the rest of the Academy, sans Vanya, share the news of the upcoming apocalypse and try and sort out a plan that hopefully won’t end in their deaths. Hazel and Cha-Cha return to the motel and receive a new mission from the commission that terminates their original kill order for Number Five. When Hazel leaves the room to grab some snacks Cha-Cha gets a second order telling her to kill Hazel “for immediate extraction” leaving us to wonder if he got a similar message when he read the first message and just didn’t tell her.


Back at the Commission Where Time Travel Roams: Number Five is getting to work at his desk job in the Commission at the head office. Hazel and Cha-Cha both ignore their orders to kill each other but, when Cha-Cha realizes that Hazel is planning on running with the Doughnut waitress and quitting she realizes that the feelings that she has for him aren’t reciprocated and decides to go through with her order.

Is This Love?: Leonard and Vanya share a sweet moment when they head back to the manor while he amps her up to invite her family to her first concert as the first chair. While at the manor, he overhears what the family is up to and he steals a few things from the house under the guise of going back for his jacket. While walking away from the house Vanya’s powers start to manifest and Leonard decides to act as her Yoda but, in a dark way, while trying to convince her that she has powers.

We also get to see the young love blossoming between Luther and Allison when he gifts her a necklace and we get to see them sneaking away for stolen moments and dances before getting caught by their “dad” and getting yelled at because they are only allowed fun for a couple of hours on Saturday each week.


Family Drama: Leonard and Vanya show up and interrupt the rest of the family in a meeting about the apocalypse and she tears into Allison for not including her in the family meeting. Luther stops Allison from going after Vanya to make things right because they can sort it out after they stop the apocalypse. Klaus wants no part of saving the world because he’s dealing with his own demons and he enlists Diego to help him get and stay sober. Klaus tells Diego all about Dave, his lost love, and they enjoy a tender moment as they get some quality bro time in.

But, What About The Apocalypse: Number Five is still not about the Commission life and is hatching a plot to destroy them from the inside so that he can get back to family and save them and the world. After he gets the lay of the land and figures out how the Commission works. He puts up his first terminate order to clear the way and stop the apocalypse.

On the Flip Side: Umbrella Academy is big on breaking your heart and messing with your head. This episode does this to the viewers in the cruelest of ways because, in Number Five’s attempt at saving the world and his siblings he manages to destroy the Commission as he wants but, in doing so he changes the “present” (if that word means anything anymore) because in the timeline of this episode Luther and Allison find their way back to each other and rediscover their love by traveling through memory lane ending with a beautiful date and dance. Vanya discovers that Leonard feels like her soul mate because he studied her by using the journal that Klaus inadvertently tossed when he was stealing the box, she realizes what a snake he was and kills him which would have stopped the apocalypse and allowed her to reconnect with her family. Luther realized the truth about his father and how he didn’t even open his moon research. Klaus has asked Diego to get him clean by locking him in his room and tying him up and he wants to get clean this time, for Dave and when he’s all quick detoxed, he gets to see Dave one last time.  Hazel kills Cha-Cha as per the orders when she decides to end him in the shower, where he’s not but, her kill order is,  when she gets sloppy because she’s lost in her feelings. Since Hazel wants out, this means that Hazel won’t be coming for them. Mom is back in effect and Diego gets to talk to her and with Pogo, looking at her from the distance, she keeps her mouth shut about the secret she holds and she gets to go to the park with Diego, something dad never would have allowed and just before Mom tells him the truth time rewinds. What sucks about all of these amazing things is that when Five ends the Commission, he resets the day and none of these things happen which means the apocalypse is still on and no one knows what could have been, except for the viewers and that’s a heavy cross to bear because that kiss between Allison and Luther and Klaus seeing Dave alone never happening will break your heart.