Recap: Umbrella Academy S1E5 “Number Five”

In Umbrella Academy, Diego’s ex ends up dead after trying to save Klaus, who manages to escape by crawling through a vent and he arrives in time to find her body as he searches for Klaus. “Man on the Moon” ended in the same kind of heartbreak that Diego seems to regularly happen to him, he’s lost so much this season and we haven’t even reached the halfway point by the time Episode Five starts. All of the previous episodes sadness makes it fitting that “Number Five” starts with us watching Number Five roam through the apocalyptic wasteland that he time jumped to and seeing him age and wallow in his loneliness and isolation with no one but Dolores to get him through. We also get to see how he ended up working for the “commission” and some idea of how he managed to make it back home in time to hopefully save his family, with four days and six episodes left to save the world.

Klaus is dealing with all of the voices from his yearlong backward time jump to Vietnam and all of the ghosts he brought back with him. Number Five finally comes clean with Luther and Diego about the end of the world and how his family all die trying to stop it. Diego is dealing with all of is losses and guilt that his ex-girlfriend’s death might have been because she tried to do things his way. Allison does some recon at the library to figure out what rubs her the wrong way about Leonard because sometimes you’ve got to bring receipts.

Umbrella Academy episode 5

Love Is in the Air: Hazel has been spending his time at the doughnut shop and developed feelings for the waitress who gives him some hope for a normal life. Klaus is heartbroken over losing his love in Vietnam becoming overemotional when he sees his picture on the wall at the VFW. Vanya is falling for Leonard because he says all the right things and seems to know her. Diego is heartbroken and blaming himself.

Vanya Drama: This episode sees Vanya going through a lot of emotions since Leonard got rid of her meds after he killed the 1st chair so Vanya could get an audition, Vanya plays an amazing solo using her powers that were so powerful that she gets the 1st chair position. Plus, she has finally found someone who values her and she wants to keep him in her life because she feels like she belongs for once but, her sister wants to protect her because she knows something seems off about him. This causes a bit of tension between the two of them and as Allison tries to protect her sister and repair their bond, Vanya is the one pushing her away because she thinks it’s not her place. The two of them obviously care about each other and want the same thing, to feel like real sisters but, their timing seems perpetually off.

The Hazel and Cha-Cha Slide: When Klaus jumped accidentally to the past it was by using the briefcase time machine that he stole when escaping Hazel and Cha-Cha’s motel room. Because, they can’t go home without it they agree to a meet up with Luther and Five to get it back and when Klaus (and ghost Ben & Diego riding shotgun) show up in a stolen ice cream truck to rescue Five and Luther,  the time assassins think it’s a setup. Right before the bullets hit their mark, the chief time commissioner shows up, stops time, and Five strikes a deal to save his family by returning to the time commission and back to work with a promotion.  When time resumes, Five and the commissioner are gone, Cha-Cha and Hazel realize they’ve been tricked and the case is empty and, the Hargreeves’ brothers minus Number Five escape by stealing their car leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere.