Recap: Umbrella Academy S1E4 “Man on the Moon”

Poor Vanya spends a lot of time being the verbal dumping ground for her family, at the end of the last episode of Umbrella Academy after Diego shut their mom down, he comes downstairs to find Allison and Vanya having a heart to heart and he takes that chance to yell at Vanya for being there because she could have gotten them killed or herself killed and even though she tells him that she was just trying to help he calls her a liability and tells her to go, which she does after she senses that Allison agrees with him, she isn’t “like them”. This leads Vanya straight to stalker Leonard’s home and pushes her further towards the dark side. Oh yeah, and in the midst of all of the chaos, Klaus ends up in the trunk of Hazel and Cha-Cha’s car and they’re going to use him for leverage to get Number Five since he was the only person not at the house when they attacked.

Man on the Moon” gives us the back story behind Luther and how he went from fully human to the part ape person we see he became at the end of the last episode. We watch him feeling and being just as isolated as Vanya and see his father still referred to him as Number One, even though all the other children were gone. We also get to watch in horror as their father injects a serum that saves his like by making him half-ape after a failed mission that almost killed him.

The Bad Guys: Cha-Cha & Hazel: have Klaus tied to chair in a hotel room and are doing what they think is torture but, he’s kind of into it so, none of their usual methods work leaving them no closer to finding out where Number Five is. Klaus doesn’t know much but, he knows Five needs to find the owner of an eye so he shares that in an attempt to buy himself a minute.

What in the World Is Going On With Diego: Heartbroken by having to put his mom down and shows up at his exes house looking for comfort and help with his vendetta. She tells him that he has to do things the right way and walks away. He also keeps picking fights with Luther who is the living embodiment of their dead tyrannical dad, they eventually get some sort of closure but, there is still a lot for them to work through before this family can come back together, although them coming across a drunken Five who is still on his apocalyptic rant, they can’t tell if he’s being serious or not.

Sister, Sister: Ever since he showed up on the scene we have all had an icky feeling from Leonard but, Allison gets the ultimate creeper vibe from him when she comes over to apologize and finds him inside her apartment while she’s at rehearsal. Allison tries to warn her sister off but, with their past, Vanya sees it as more of the same, her siblings making her feel small.

The Final Countdown: Number Five is in the wind with no idea that his family was attacked and that the bad guys know who he is and where they are so, he’s still out trying to find out who owns the eye. After he holds the prosthetics exec at knifepoint he gets a location that leads him to the very place that Hazel and Cha Cha are dancing in as they destroy it, thanks to the eye tip they got from Klaus leaving him no closer to finding out how the world ends and how to stop it.

Best Moment: Klaus and Ben have a lot of heart to hearts in this show but, the one they have whole Klaus is trapped in the closet afraid for his life, feeling helpless and alone is a beautiful one. Ben helps Klaus use his gift to save his life in this situation and for the future and it is touching and pure and is the first step at the family coming together as one.