Recap: Umbrella Academy S1E3 “Extra Ordinary”

This episode of Umbrella Academy focuses a bit more on Vanya and shows us how five years ago Vanya sees a comic book adaptation of her family and their adventures, feeling left out and invisible she sits down to pen her autobiography about her life as the only ordinary member of the family. We see how her family reacts to her book before we jump back to the present time and see her running late to rehearsal practice where again she feels invisible when she apologizes and the conductor tells her he didn’t notice she wasn’t there. After a brutal convo with the first chair, who tells her to quit playing music because she’s not good enough to be great, Vanya slips further into her self doubt making her easy prey for the super shady and stalker Leonard, who she decides to go see because she had no one else to talk to.


The Murder Mystery: Luther and Allison, going off the videotape try and question their mom but, she doesn’t remember much about the night he died but, they believe she glitched, snapped, and killed him.  Diego believes that if she killed him she had a reason and goes out of his way to protect her.

Number Five is Alive: Number Five sneaks out again after mending his bruises from his last fight at the department store and comes across Klaus looking for the contents of their dad’s box in the dumpster behind their house. Hazel and Cha Cha keep trying to capture the wily Number Five and even after an assault on Hargreeves Manor they can’t seem to best him, so they kidnap Klaus to draw him out BUT, no one except Ben notices that he’s gone.

The Apocalypse, Sweet: Number Five is stalking the building where the eye of the person responsible for the end of the world is made, with the to half of Dolores riding shotgun in the plumbing van he stole.

Family Trouble: Allison bumps into Vanya and Leonard while looking for her to invite her to come to the house for a family meeting about Mom. Allison apologizes for the things that she said to her at the house and she tries to let her know that she wants to be a better sister. At the family meeting, Diego tells the rest of the family that he tossed his dad’s monocle because he knew that if Luther found it with Mom he would have done exactly what he did, lose his crap. The family is having a hard time trying to decide if they should turn their mom off or let her “live” and the vote can’t finish because Number Five is the tiebreaker and he’s not there. We also see how mom took care of them and helped Diego get over his stutter and made him feel loved in stark contrast to their father who often belittled or ignored him,  he tries to have a heart to heart with her but, he can see that her programming is deteriorating much like a human with dementia, which makes it more tragic when she gets shot up in the showdown and Diego has the heart-wrenching task of shutting her down.

Side Story: Hazel and Cha-Cha question the waitress at the Doughnut shop and you can see the start of a little spark between Hazel and the waitress. The waitress remembers the kid’s tattoo and draws it out for them, allowing them to figure out who Number Five is and where they might be able to find him.

Most Memorable Scene: The fight scenes in this show are intense and super fun and in this episode, the finale fight scene is the most memorable. Watching Hazel and Cha-Cha show up at the house to find Five and instead come across a family of superheroes who take them on before forcing them to retreat is pretty damn fly. Watching the bullets fly is as they try to defend each other and protect “powerless” Vanya when she shows up mid-fight or, seeing the bullets graze past their mom as she knits and ultimately “killing” her, or post-bath Klaus unaware of the mayhem dancing around in his towel while they fight through the house. This scene is beautifully shot and full of so much nuance and emotion it wasn’t just pretty but, story propelling.