Recap: Umbrella Academy S1E2 “Run Boy Run”

At the end of the last episode of Umbrella Academy, Diego threw his father’s monocle into the river, getting rid of a key piece of evidence in his father’s death and Number Five showed up in Vanya’s apartment surprising her when she came home. He told her about the end of the human race, the date the world ends, and that all of them will die along with the rest of humanity in eight days, setting up the whole arc of Season One. “Run Boy Run” expands on this, giving us more flashbacks and character insights, further drawing us into this fantastic universe that the Umbrella Academy has created.

Umbrella Academy episode 2

The episode opens with Number Five arguing with his father over breakfast over his desire to time travel and storming off after being forbidden to talk about time jumping again, it also shows how he jumped too far in the future and he finds himself alone in the apocalyptic wasteland that the planet has become, and all out of juice so he can’t return home. It’s kind of sweet that the first person he calls for is Vanya, the person whose help he seeks out and, the one who left him his favorite sandwich every night because she believed he was going to come home.

We are finally introduced to Agents Hazel and  Cha-Cha as they arrive at a seedy motel under the cover of night. They become one of the Academy’s biggest nemeses this season as they try and capture Number Five to stop him from preventing the apocalypse.  The Academy’s other nemeses show up in this episode too but, his designs on the team are more stan like than truly nefarious and he uses Vanya to get there. While the agent duo seems super close and friendly, we can sense that Hazel is growing tired with his occupation and Cha-Cha is all about the job which you can tell is going to lead to something pretty interesting.

Diego shows up at the Griddy’s while to cops are investigating the crime with no idea that his brother is involved in the massacre.  As Diego talks over the crime scene with his former lover and lead investigator on the case, Hazel and Cha-Cha check out the crime scene from the sidelines.  Luther and Allison reconnect and sow the seeds for one of the most adorable and sad love stories of the season. Klaus is dealing with his own demons in the form of all of the ghosts who keep coming to him for help and we finally meet their brother Ben who really wants Klaus to detox, since he’s not too keen on the only person who can see him being incoherent half the time. We also discover that the box that Klaus stole from his dad’s office and threw away may have been more important than any of the kids knew because Pogo asks him about its contents despite that not being the only thing that he took but, the only thing Pogo is worried about.

Vanya wakes up to find Number Five gone. He’s gone to find the owner of the eye he found at the center of the explosion that ends the world and when he can’t get answers from the company that makes them on his own he enlists the help of Klaus who pulls a full Fight Club in the eye-makers offices that gives Number Five a dead end because the eye hasn’t been made yet. Diego’s ex finally uncuffs him with a warning and he overhears that the fingerprints found at the scene from the missing person on the scene, were from a cold case from the 1930s.

Hazel and Cha-Cha are torturing the guy from the diner because they think he’s Number Five but, after he starts crying they check the pic they have, realize it’s the wrong guy and track down the real Number Five at the store where he is visiting his future girlfriend, a mannequin named Dolores. Allison is still dealing with her ex-husband and custody issues and when Vanya tries to console her sister her words get misconstrued causing another rift between them when Allison unloads her frustrations on her making her feel small & unloved again.

Vanya heads home after the verbal assault from her sister and meets her newest violin student, Leonard, who seems shady AF and a little too into Vanya and her family. Diego and Luther have a chat about their father’s murder and how Diego had an alibi for the night their dad died. Back at the house Pogo shows Allison a secret room that their father used to record the siblings when they were younger, watching the videos shows Allison some memories from her childhood and shows her just how much Vanya’s isolation wasn’t all her fault, causing her to regret and reconsider their earlier interaction. Allison also sees their mother on the night of their father’s death and when he returns from his meet up with Diego she shares her discovery with Luther as a bruised and saddened Number Five returns home from his fight with Cha-Cha and Hazel.