Review: Henna Hanson Must Save Prom

Henna Hanson Must Save Prom

When it comes to genre mash-ups they’re usually considered fun ideas but not necessarily great ones. But, some of the best stories are mash-ups between different genres. Game Of Thrones is proof positive of this theory, as it borrows from zombies, murder mystery, time travel, and true history. That makes for an exciting story on multiple fronts, and a unique story all its own, one that enchanted thousands, especially since a number of them could never see themselves as fans of high fantasy.

The one mash-up from my childhood which holds a special place in my heart was BraveStarr. This had an indigenous hero and put together the western genre and science fiction genre, taking certain hints from Jonah Hex, but also forging a path of its own. On the same note, there is the easily forgotten Aliens Vs Cowboys, a movie that wasted its talent’s skills.  In Rashad Doucet’s one shot, Henna Hanson Must Save The Prom, we get another mash-up, one that makes uses of each genre’s best plot devices.

We are taken to 1975, where Henna sees her very first prom, one that only sees all the beauty of, and a tradition she becomes obsessed with for the next ten years. We fast forward to 1985, where Henna is of age and can attend her own prom, but recently broke up with her boyfriend, and must contend on how will she still go but without losing her status or going alone. The reader finds out she has a neighbor who has been hiding in plain sight as a Nazi, which prompts someone from 1995 to come back and stop him from ruling the world.

Overall, a story that feels like Buffy and Terminator went to the same high school. The story by Doucet is fun and unique. The art by Doucet is exhilarating. Altogether, a story which this reader wished would have continued.

Story: Rashad Doucet Art: Rashad Doucet
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy