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Crisis on Infinite Jerry Ordway: Part 1!

Comics artist/writer Jerry Ordway has been making superhero comics for DC and Marvel for 40 years. He’s the guy who made people care about Shazam and the Justice Society of America again. He inked Crisis on Infinite Earths. He’s partnered with writers like Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Michael Moorecock, and Neil Gaiman.

Welcome to a special two-part interview. Whether you’re new to Jerry’s work or a long time fan you’ll learn a ton about the process of inking and drawing comics, industry history, the secret workings of Letter Columns–and why Jerry tends to avoid name dropping bands in his comics, or drawing Lobo.

In part one we cover the start of his career, what it was like working on one of the 1st big comics mega-events, what makes the JSA tick, how he approaches Shazam and his indie horror work Semiautomagic with Alex di Campi.

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