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Review: The Dog Years #2

When people take breaks from relationships, they tend to be a time for self-discovery. You may have forgotten who you were before the relationship. This is usually a sentiment your friends remind you of more than a few times. At times, the one you were with, can make you become someone you don’t recognize.

This is why maintaining your friendships outside of relationships are critical to your emotional well being. Within your relationship, you all may tell each other who you are to a point. While friendships are meant for you to grow yourself and your friends generally do not have any filters in telling you about yourself openly and honestly. In the second issue of The Dog Years, we meet one couple who are trying to figure out love and life in no certain order.

We catch up with Jalissa as she wallows in her misery, the failure of her relationship, and missing Trey. It’s something her friends look to distract her form by taking her to one of the biggest beaches, Booty Beach Fest. We also catch up with Trey who with his friends. They try to recruit some girls at the same party for a video, not before the creator gives us an excellent guide to the types of people you will find at these types of events. Eventually, his friends get him distracted from thinking about Jalissa by convincing a video girl to flirt with him. By issue’s end, Trey decides to let loose, but not before Jalissa catches eyeshot of what’s going on.

Overall, a dated but hilarious look at what happens at these massive beach parties. The story by Andre Roberts is hilarious. The art by Roberts is superb. Altogether, a funny and relatable tale of friendships and relationships.

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Story: Andre Roberts Art: Andre Roberts
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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