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Travel the worlds with the Agents of Concordia RPG!

Agents of Concordia

Today Modiphius has announced the pre-order release of Agents of Concordia, a brand new RPG from Strangewood Studios which sees you travel between worlds in a fantastic action-mystery-fantasy mashup which had a hugely successful Kickstarter in 2018.

Agents of Concordia is available in print and PDF on and in PDF only on

Although the print book is not expected to ship until June due to the current lockdown, you will receive a FREE PDF straight away. PDF purchasers on will receive a discount code which can be offset against the price of a future print product. DriveThruRPG buyers should contact for a similar offer.

Agents of Concordia is a complete action/mystery/fantasy RPG, presented in a beautiful high quality format with a serviceable page-count of 188.

Take the role of an Agent traveling between worlds in this Action – Mystery – Fantasy RPG set in the 1960s you never knew existed. 

Each player takes the part of a Special Agent, working within the Concordia Central Intelligence (the C.C.I.), charged with the safety of the multiverse. As a team, players will investigate different occurrences, try to thwart schemes, and stop threats against the habited worlds. With a myriad of species, working with equal parts technology and mysticism, the Agents of Concordia are like nothing you’ve ever seen. 

The rules for the game are easy to learn and support a lot of stunts, high-octane action, and dynamic character progression. 

  • Multiple Worlds: With a large number of different worlds in the Concord, there are no limits to the variation of missions and adversaries. 
  • Science Fantasy: Play as a 9′ Ogre Investigator or a 3′ Marmoseti Locksmith. Use mysticism and rituals as well as guns and lab-equipment. Travel by gate or aether-fueled rocket car. 
  • Story-driven rules: Created to be streamlined and fast-paced, the game system is easy to learn and adaptive to all situations. The game is designed to keep page-flipping to a minimum during game sessions, for maximum velocity roleplaying action. 
  • Veterancy system: The veterancy system lets you level up in different situations. If your character is involved in a lot of heists, she will soon be a heist specialist, no matter her additional occupation.  

(via sister site Board Game Today)

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