Review: The Wild Warriors #2

The Wild Warriors #2

In times of distress, the fight or flight syndrome usually kicks in for most people. Adversity affects people differently. When I was in the military, before we go on deployments, we usually conducted training exercises. In those exercises, you sometimes saw how people you worked with would act in a heated situation.

It was eye-opening. Certain individuals would lose their heads and forget that they were in the military. Then there are those,where the training just kicked in and they went along with what they were trained for.  Eventually, your true nature comes out and if you can be trusted in a firefight becomes suddenly apparent. In Camilo Ruiz’s second issue of The Wild Warriors, we find Kumbo’s tribe fighting for their lives.

As Kumbo finds himself entangled with Big Pap of the Crocodile clan, Trumbo, intervenes, leaving the rest of his family vulnerable to Big Papa’s clan. This misstep by Trumbo, cost’s his wife, Kumbo’s mother, her life, which forces Trumbo, to lose his cool, and fall to the Crocodile clan, the same, leaving enough time for Kumbo and what was left of his family to flee. Kumbo would reach the monastery and study for the next three years, as the memory of that tragic day was seared into his mind. By the issue’s end, he embarks on a journey to find answers who gave away their location to the Crocodile clan.

Overall, an absorbing issue, which delivers the lesson that sometimes losing is part of life and what you do next is what matters. The story by Ruiz is action-packed and contemplative. The art by Ruiz is magnificent. Altogether, this issue opens the door to more possibilities.

Story: Camilo Ruiz Art: Camilo Ruiz
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy