Comic Creator Hope Nicholson Named in Sexual Assault

A year ago, writer Tres Dean went public with an article on Huffington Post recounting a sexual assault that he experienced by a female comic creator. While he doesn’t name the creator, he does talk about the events in a broader article about men and sexual assault.

Dean recounts at an industry event he had a fellow comic creator stick “her tongue down (his) throat” and did it twice more. The creator made further “drunken passes” both physical and verbal towards Dean through the night.

Dean’s article focuses on the stereotype of men when it comes to events like this and how men are treated when they come forward regarding allegations of sexual assault.

While Dean doesn’t name the creator and goes out of his way to keep her name anonymous, the story is back in the news as the creator has admitted to the events on Twitter.

Hope Nicholson Tweeted that while she doesn’t “think that’s the case” as it being assault, she does admit to events in that she “hurt” Dean and would indicate the account of kissing him is correct. She goes on to say the article is “largely accurate” saying she was “…rude. An idiot. A messy drunkard. A pest.” And that doesn’t excuse her actions.

Nicholson is the latest individual to be named when it comes to assault in the comic industry.

If you feel you have been assaulted and need help, visit RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Online Hotline or the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s website.

Update: The article better reflects the original HuffPo article ran a year ago.