Review: The Dark Gun #3

The Dark Gun #3

We all carry a burden of some sort. Some heavier than others. We’re shaped by our experiences. What we endure throughout our lives becomes the bar by which we are tested. When it comes to “trials and tribulations” everyone’s definitions differ. What brings stress to some people is everyday fare to others. Take, for instance, the strange bedfellow success is to some people.

When one revels in success it can be a moment to pause and smell the flowers. For others, there’s no rest for the wicked as there is too much to do. Is there such a thing as success making someone mad? It definitely can be seen in some celebrities who found it to be too much at one point. In the third issue of The Dark Gun, the pistol finds it ways to its newest owner, a lawman who will soon find out exactly what this weapon is about.

We meet Cole Rollins, a Pinkerton agent, whose former life was a soldier during the Civil War, an experience which shapes him to the present, and which leads him to seek care from a psychologist who instantly recognizes that he has PTSD. He recounts to his doctor,  the series of events that led him to the Dark Gun, where he shot the suspect dead tot right, only to see him two days later, standing alive in front of him, only for it be his mind playing tricks on him. This sidelines him for a bit, where he gets assigned an elusive jewel thief, one which prompts visions of the gun’s previous owner all over again. By the issue’s end, Rollins finds absolute serenity in the only way he can.

Overall, an engaging and mind-bending issue of this innovative series which is part drama, part horror, and part psychological thriller. The story by Matt Durand is immense and impactful. The art by Taylan Kurtulus is simply breathtaking. Altogether, an excellent chapter in this time jumping epic that shows the power objects can have us supernatural or not.

Story: Matt Durand Art: Taylan Kurtulus
Story: 10 Art: 9.7 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy