Review: Shikari Force: Hunters #1

Shikari Force: Hunters #1

As a child of 1980s, I grew up watching a ton of television shows. Some that my parents liked and others only me and my cousins liked. Many of the shows sought to tell stories that aren’t often seen on television now. An example is the cool exteriors, complex storylines and suspense of Sting Ray, a television show which only lasted two seasons, but showed many writers that you can blend genres without sacrificing what makes each type so interesting.

Another show that captivated audiences was V, a story that would be remade in 2011, and circled around an alien race who visits Earth, as harmless visitors but ends up revealing to the audience that they are ruthless conquerors. The show painted a world where we should be cautious of strangers, and though it seemed as though the good guys were seeing daylight in their battles with the aliens, you never felt that they were quite a match. As I had pondered a few times in my childhood flights of fancy, only if the humans were as powerful as the aliens. In the first issue of Shikari Force: Hunters, we find a motley crew whose abilities make them perfect to stop a new alien threat.

We meet Nil, an assassin and demon hunter, whose work finds him on a spaceship flying right above the Indian Ocean, where he finds a beautiful woman asleep in a capsule. Meanwhile, on Earth, we also meet Jimi, a brilliant scientist, whose company’s work is on the forefront and Meena, his girlfriend, who just so happens to be a daughter of a demon, who senses something is not quite right. We are also taken to the Himalayas, where an army of aliens, are amassing weapons and soldiers to take over the world, as they quietly set a trap for our heroes. Jimi’s obsession with work gives Meena concern, a distraction that Nil would love to give her an escape from. By issue’s end, Jimi wakes up to nightmares one that draws him back to the capsule, where the woman in the capsule has risen, who just so happens to be a renegade goddess.

Overall, an excellent first issue that introduces us to team much like the Watchmen. It’s just as complex and even more intriguing. The story by Sarwat Chadda is smart, even-paced, and exciting. The art by the creative team complements the story well. Altogether, an action-packed debut that does more than impress.

Story: Sarwat Chadda
Art: Arjuna Susini
and Aditya Bidkar
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy