Review: InfeStation #1

InfeStation #1

As a fan of Disney movies growing up, I had my favorites> But they were not what most people tend to gravitate to.  I was a fan of the standards like Aladdin and Mulan but I was also a fan of the lesser celebrated works. Disney movies, tend to have a common thread that still exists today, heart. As complicated as Walt Disney the man was, his love for stories shined through. His need to leave his audiences somewhat touched is emblematic in all of their movies.

One of my all-time favorite movies was the Great Mouse Detective. It was Disney’s foray into the Sherlock Holmes canon. It’s also a very worthy addition. The plot circles Basil the mouse counterpart of the great Sherlock Holmes who just so happens to reside on the infamous Baker Street as well. He investigates the disappearance of a toymaker and the incident’s link to his arch nemesis Professor Ratigan. The charm of the movie has rarely been replicated until I read Shelby Leets and Eduardo Orozco’s debut issue of InfeStation, where a cockroach detective investigates why the Mayor’s cat went missing.

We ae taken to Brooklyn, New York, where an exterminator known as El Tigre is hired for the job and kills all the roaches in one apartment, except for one, Clarence Crumb. He would go no to survive and become a detective, whose latest case a was chasing down a jewel thief, one that befuddles everyone except for Clarence. AS he gets closer to who the jewel thief, is an emergency takes hold of the precinct, the mayor’ cat, Mr. President has been kidnapped.

Overall, an interesting debut issue for a story that both feels fun and out of place making for an entertaining introduction to this world. The story by Leets is suspenseful, fun, and hilarious at times. The art by the Leets and Orozco is beautiful. Altogether, a story that is both tongue in cheek and serious making for a book that is simply an enjoyable escape with some unique characters.

Story: Shelby Leets Art: Shelby Leets and Eduardo Orozco
Story: 9.0Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy