Review: The Casebook of Rabbit Black #1

The Casebook of Rabbit Black #1

One of my favorite authors right now is J.R. Rain. His flare for prose and unhinged characters makes his stories pretty much feel like a sonnet. It doesn’t hurt that he was a private investigator, which is why it feels like most of his stories feels you are more than a tourist in his worlds, but an eyewitness. His Vampire for Hire series is a great new twist on urban fantasy with a tinge of family drama.

The series features characters, though fantastical in nature, that feel visceral. It’s as if you shared the same air as them, which needless to say his realism is off the charts. So, when his new book series, Dead Detective, came out as I was instantly captivated by its premise. The story revolves around a detective who dies and wakes up seeing her dead body in a chalk outline.  Though the book was underwhelming, the premise is quite interesting and put to better use in Kate Sherron’s The Casebook of Rabbit Black #1, which involves a “problem solver” who ends up dead.

We meet Rabbit Black, in “the Case Of The Undying Detective” whose job is to solve everyone else’s problems, that is until he is found dead. By some stretch of the imagination, he is not quite dead, thanks to the magic of a necromancer, as he tries to figure out who killed him and why? By story ‘s end, we find out that it was a love triangle turned deadly. In “The Case of The Nicked Kitsch”, Rabbit’s friend, Ira, gets a mysterious call from his brother, one who is in charge of a prestigious collection, where a portrait has gone missing.

Overall, an intriguing set of stories which paints a world not so black and white. The stories by Sherron are intense, intelligent, and powerful. The art by Sherron is beautiful. Altogether, a character and a world that feels both lived in and brand new, which is always the mark of a great creator.

Story: Kate Sherron Art: Kate Sherron
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy