Microsoft Reveals Some Details of their Next Xbox, Project Scarlett

Project Scarlett

E3 has kicked off and publishers and platforms are rolling out lots of news about what we can expect for video games over the next few years.

Microsoft has revealed their next Xbox console, dubbed Project Scarlett, will be launching during the holiday season in 2020.

Phil Spencer, executive vice president of gaming at the company, announced what hardware we can expect and a system “designed and optimized” for gaming.

The system will have:

  • Native 4K at 60 FPS, up to 120 FPS
  • Next gen SSD = 40x faster than current consoles
  • Hardware accelerated ray tracing
  • Games, accessories and career all come with you
  • 8K capable
  • Custom-designed AMD processor
  • “Four generations of content”

Halo Infinite will launch alongside the new console.